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Follow these steps to earn $5:

1. Open an account with the referral link below

2. Make an initial $5 investment.

Maintain the initial investment for 30 days.

As Seen On

Follow these steps to earn $5:

1. Open an account with the referral link below

2. Make an initial $5 investment.

Maintain the initial investment for 30 days.

Acorns Referral Promotion: Receive $5 FREE Bonus When You Sign Up or Refer a Friend

Acorns believes that the path to financial wellness should be accessible to everyone. With Acorns, you can begin investing as early and often as you’d like. It’s a great solution if you’re interested in saving, investing, or prefer a personalized investment portfolio with no account minimums. The Acorns app is so easy that you only need your smartphone and as little as $5 to begin your investment journey.

When you create a new account using our Acorns Referral link, you receive a free $5 bonus. To redeem this bonus, your need to make an initial $5 investment in an Acorns Invest, Later, or Early Portfolio Account from a linked bank account funding source. Maintain your initial investment for at least 30 days, and you’ll receive your $5 reward.

How to Sign-up with an Acorns Referral Link

1.) Visit Acorns through this Acorns Referral Link.
2.) Select either the personal or family tier, then click “Get Started.”


3.) In the next step, enter your email and create a password. Acknowledge that you are a U.S resident, at least 18 years old, agree to the Acorns terms of use, and then click “Create Account.”
4.) Once you have created an account, the application will prompt you to link your bank account. After you have added your bank account, you have completed the registration.

Invite Your Friends and Earn $5 for Each Acorns Referral

Once you have an Acorns account, you can earn more money by referring your friends to join. To refer your friends, send them your custom Acorns referral link to sign up. Once they complete registration, you’ll get $5 as a “thank you” bonus for your referral, and your friend will receive a $5 “welcome” bonus.

You can look for your Acorns referral link by tapping “Invite friends, get $5” in your Acorns app or “Invite Friends” on the web.

The referral link you send to others is only valid for a month, so they must sign up the same month they receive the link. The referred account must also be approved and followed by a successful investment to get your $5 “thank you” bonus.

Acorns Referral Promotional Terms

The Acorns Referral Program consists of limited-time promotional offerings that change weekly. Here are the current Acorns Referral Offerings.

Promotional Period May 2 – May 8, 2021

1.) Completes an initial $5 investment in an Acorns Invest Account from a linked bank account funding source
2.) Acorns must verify both accounts of the referrer and referee to be in good standing.

Possible causes of disqualification:

1.) Closing of both the accounts of the referrer and referee before May 15, 2021.
2.) Zero successful investment of both parties before May 15, 2021.
3.) Investments that result in a reversal from the bank.
4.) An Acorns account not in good standing.

Acorns Referral Policies

1.)  This promotion is a limited time offer, and Acorns referral promotional opportunities change every month. Acorns Advisers, LLC reserves the right to limit, withdraw, or modify this offer at any time per its discretion.
2.) This Acorns referral promotion is only applicable to referrals of new Acorns customers.
3.) Acorns is not accountable for any failure in your role to keep your Acorns account in good standing or otherwise meet qualifications for this Acorns promotion.
4.) If either you or your referee is ineligible for the promotion, neither party will receive the reward.
5.) All referrals must be done by following the Acorns Referral Agreement, and referral awards will be rewarded at Acorns’ sole discretion.
6.) Additional promotional offers may be combined simultaneously with this referral program unless the terms of use exclude it.

Why Invest with Acorns

1.) Automatic Investing
Putting aside your money for savings can be challenging, but Acorns will make it easy for you. Acorns will automatically invest your spare change and set aside money from your paycheck, which allows you to invest efficiently. Plus, you’ll receive valuable money tips from Acorns on the go.


2.) Smart portfolios
You can access smart portfolios based on your financial situation and goals. Acorns will suggest a mix of ETFs for your portfolio, and it adjusts automatically as your investment develops.


3.) Using Acorns is easy
Acorns does not have any minimums or trade fees. With as little as $1 or $3 per month, you could have a $1 million investment.

4.) Transparency
Acorns bundles their products into various subscription tiers. There are no surprise fees – you get to see the package inclusions before choosing your investment plan.

5.) Great support team
With Acorns support, you can raise your concerns and speak to advisors who are ready to help.

Final Thoughts on Acorns

Investors using Acorns will benefit from investing small amounts because they surprisingly add up to a large amount of money over time. Acorns is an excellent choice for beginners who have little to no idea about investing because of the small start-up cost. Acorns will even help guide the way for your investments until you are more comfortable with investing and begin reaching your short-term goals.

Start your investment journey by earning $5 as you sign up with Acorns. Use our Acorns Referral Link for that sign-up bonus as a kick-start. Watch your finances soar from spare change to building a fortune with Acorns.

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