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$20 Off First Uber Eats Delivery

Uber Eats Promotion Code:

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The Reward Amount Varies by Location

As Seen On

$20 Off First Uber Eats Delivery

Uber Eats Promotion Code:

Sign-Up for Uber Eats

The Reward Amount Varies by Location

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Uber Eats Promotion Code: $20 Off First Uber Eats Delivery with Code EATS-SABAB631UE


Looking for an Uber Eats Promotion Code? Uber Eats has one of the most generous referral programs among food delivery services. Currently, Uber Eats is giving $20 promotions when your invited friends use your referral code to open an account. As a bonus, your referrals will also receive a promotion towards their first order. The amount of referral promotion varies depending on location. Right now, in most areas, referral promotion is $20. You can use the Uber Eats promotion code EATS-SABAB631UE to save on your first meal.

In 2018, the company’s blog stated that they serve more than 70 percent of the US population. The Uber Eats service is available in many cities worldwide.  In the United States, Uber Eats is available in most states including:


Ann Arbor, MI
Atlanta, GA
Auburn, WA
Austin, TX
Bakersfield, CA
Baltimore, MD
Baton Rouge, LA
Birmingham, AL
Bloomington, IN
Boise, ID
Boston, MA
Buffalo, NY
Charleston, SC
Charlotte, NC
Chattanooga, TN
Chicago, IL
Cincinnati, OH
Cleaveland, OH
Cleveland, OH
Colorado Springs, CO

Columbus, OH
Corpus Christi, TX
Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX
Dayton, OH
Denver, CO
Detroid, MI
El Paso, TX
Fresno, CA
Grand Rapids, MI
Green Bay, WI
Hartford, CT
Houston, TX
Indianapolis, IN
Jackson, MS
Jacksonville, FL
Kansas City, MO
Knoxville, TN
Las Vegas, NV
Lexingon, KY
Little Rock, AR

Los Angeles, CA
Louisville, KY
Lubbock, TX
Miami, FL
Milwaukee, WI
Minneapolis, MN
Missoula, MO
Mobile, AL
Monroe, LA
Montgomery, AL
Nashville, TN
New Jersey, NJ
New Orleans, LA
New York, NY
Oklahoma City, OK
Orange Country, CA
Orlando, FL
Philadelphia, PA
Phoenix, AZ
Portland, OR

Providence, RI
Raleigh-Durham, NC
Richmond, VA
Roanoke, VA
Sacramento, CA
Salt Lake City, UT
San Antonio, TX
San Diego, CA
San Francisco, CA
Seattle, WA
Shreveport, LA
Spokane, WA
Springfield, MO
St. Louis, MO
Tacoma, WA
Tallahassee, FL
Toledo, OH
Tucson, AZ
Waco, TX
Washington, DC

For a complete list of Uber Eats available cities you can visit the Uber Eats cities page.

Signing Up with Uber Eats Promotion Code

Signing up using an Uber Eats promotion code is easy. In fact, if you’re already an Uber user, you can use your Uber password to sign up for Uber Eats. Simply download the Uber Eats app and enter the phone number and password associated with your Uber account and you’re all set! Before you place your first order, head over to promotions, and take advantage of the Uber Eats Referral Program. If you’re a first-time user you can get up to $20 off your first order (depending on location) if you sign up with the Uber Eats promotion code EATS-SABAB631UE.


How to Save With Uber Eats: Promotion Codes and Uber Eats Pass

Promotion Codes

$20 Off First Uber Eats Order (YMMV)EATS-RXNLQ
20% Off Your Next 5 OrdersFALLTREAT19
$5 Off Your Next 5 OrdersSUMMERFUN19
3 Free Deliveries3FREE19
$5 Off First 5 McDonald’s OrdersMCDSUE5
Free Unlimited Delivery for 2 WeeksHUNGRY1

I will try to update this list regularly so check back if none of these codes work for you.

Sign Up for Uber Eats Pass

Uber Eats recently launched the Uber Eats Pass plan. With this plan, you can get free delivery and up to 5% off your meal. All for $10 a month! This plan will save you a ton of money if you order with Uber Eats frequently. Additionally, deliveries from your favorite restaurants are free during surge hours. Have you ever tried to order food with Uber Eats and changed your mind when the delivery cost was $18-20? With Uber Eats Pass, you can get around the surge. The screenshot below shows how much I have saved on Uber Eats deliveries with Uber Eats Pass!

Uber-Eats Promo Code

Pick Up Orders Instead of Delivery

In addition to delivery service, Uber Eats allows users to order food for pick up at the store. There is no fee for pick-up orders, but this option can save you time, and because time is money you will end up saving if you use this option!

Share Your Uber Eats Referral Code

If you are already an Uber Eats user, be sure to share your referral code with others. At the time of this writing, you can get $20 off your first Uber Eats order if you refer a friend. You can find your referral code in the menu section of the Uber Eats app. I hope this review was helpful. If you haven’t signed up for Uber Eats yet, use the code EATS-SABAB631UE to sign up and save on your first order!

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