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Trade Ideas Coupon Code

Use the Trade Ideas coupon code below to save on your monthly or annual subscription.

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Searching for the most recent Trade Ideas coupon code? You’re in luck! We’ve teamed up with Trade Ideas to provide you with an official, 100% working discount code that will optimize your savings.

There are two types of trade ideas coupon or promo codes:

1. Trade Ideas Partner Discount Codes

These are exclusively offered to approved partners of Trade Ideas and guarantee a 15% discount on your initial purchase. Our verified Trade Ideas promo code is TASTY15. This code is always active and will give you a 15% discount on the first month or annual subscription.

2. Trade Ideas Special Promo Codes

Trade Ideas offers special discounts during major US holidays such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and others. These discounts are usually around 25%, and occasionally they can go up to 30% off on the first purchase. We maintain a record of previous Trade Ideas discount codes on this page so you can anticipate the next special offer. Please note all archived Trade Ideas promo codes have expired and will not get you a discount.

Trade Ideas Mothers Day 2024 Sale

As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s time to celebrate the incredible moms who brighten our lives daily. To show our gratitude for their hard work, Trade Ideas is offering an exclusive 25% discount. Use our Trade Ideas Coupon Code to save 25%!

To maximize your savings, consider signing up for an annual subscription to a trade ideas plan. For example, you can save $737 on a premium plan if you pay annually. Bundled with our 15% coupon code (TASTY15), you will save an additional $300. If you are lucky and sign up during one of the Trade Ideas Special Discount periods, you can save as much as 47% with an annual plan

We update this page regularly and as soon as special discount codes are emailed to partners. So check back if you don’t see an active special promo code on this page (below sections).

In the remainder of this article, we will share everything you need to know about the Trade Ideas platform while taking you through the process of signing up for Trades Ideas through our Trade Ideas coupon link.

Almost all of the Trade Ideas discounts are applicable to the first instalment of your recurring subscription – either the first year’s payment or the first month. All sales are final with Trade Ideas, so you want to ensure you understand how the Trade Ideas coupon code works.

What You Need to Know About Trade Ideas Coupon Code

What can you expect when using a Trade Ideas coupon code? It all depends on the type of Trade Ideas coupon code that you’re using. We’re looking back at some of the most recent Trade Ideas promo codes to show how much you can save when applying them to your Trade Ideas account.

Trade Ideas’ most popular coupon code comes in the form of its ‘Test Drive’ initiative. It’s a program that allows you to test drive the platform’s premium features for as little as $11.11 for 2 weeks with a follow-up Trade Ideas discount code sent after the 2 weeks are up.

It’s worth noting that the Test Drive features give you access to support, practice, and educational programs to make you a better self-directed investor. This Trade Ideas coupon code gives you unlimited access to the Trading Ideas Room Community, real-time simulated training, and educational courses. Read more about the Trade Ideas Test Drive here.

Trade Ideas 45% Discount Explained

To make the most out of your budget, it’s a great idea to consider an annual subscription to a Trade Ideas plan. Let’s break this down for a better understanding:

Trade Ideas offers different plans for their services, one of them being the Premium plan. It may seem more affordable to pay for this plan on a monthly basis. At $228 per month, the cost of this plan will add to $2736 in one year.

However, if you decide to pay for an entire year upfront (an annual subscription), you can save as much as $737. This is a 27% discount offered to everyone by Trade Ideas, and you don’t need a coupon code to receive it.

In addition to this discount, we have a partnership with Trade Ideas which allows us to offer you a special 15% discount code (TASTY15). This means that you get an extra 15% off your monthly or annual subscription cost.

Combining the annual subscription with our 15% coupon code or these special discount periods, you can save as much as 40% on an annual plan.

Premium Plan
💲 Monthly Plan Cost ($228/mo)$2736
📆 Annual Discount (27%)($737)
📜 TASTY15 Coupon Code (15%)($300)
🔥 Final Cost (38% Off)$1699
Standard Plan
💲 Monthly Plan Cost ($118/mo)$1416
📆 Annual Discount (~29%)($417)
📜 TASTY15 Coupon Code (15%)($150)
🔥 Final Cost (40% Off)$850

But the savings don’t stop there! Trade Ideas also hosts special discount periods during major US holidays. If you happen to sign up during one of these periods, the discounts are even steeper. Most of these special discounts take 25% off the first annual subscriptions. Occasionally, and about once a year, you may see a 30% off discount code too. Trade Ideas had a 30% off discount code this June (2023), so there may not be another 30% discount code for a while.

Combining the annual discount with special discounts, you could get as much as 47% off the first year of the standard plan – if you choose to pay annually. The following tables are just an example of a savings breakdown with special discount coupon codes.

Premium Plan
💲 Monthly Plan Cost ($228/mo)$2736
📆 Annual Discount (27%)($737)
📜 Test Drive 25% Code($500)
🔥 Final Cost (45% Off)$1499
Standard Plan
💲 Monthly Plan Cost ($118/mo)$1416
📆 Annual Discount (~29%)($417)
📜 Test Drive (25%)($250)
🔥 Final Cost (47% Off)$750

Just a friendly heads up, you can only use one special discount coupon code when making a purchase. If you happen to see multiple special discount codes in the example tables above, it’s just for demonstration purposes.

Trade Ideas FREE eBook Bonus

Enhance your trading success with the Trade Ideas eBook Collection. Stay informed and expand your knowledge of trading strategies and market trends. Now, Trade Ideas offers a valuable bonus – the Trade Ideas FREE eBook Bonus. Access seven insightful eBooks packed with practical guidance and invaluable knowledge to elevate your trading skills.

Here’s a glimpse:

1. Solid Swing Trading Concepts: Dive into effective swing trading strategies with chapters exploring the concept of “The ‘A’ Table” and four rules for identifying swing trading candidates. Grab your free eBook download now and unlock a wealth of trading knowledge!

2. Active Investing for the Passive Trader: Discover how passive traders can engage in active investing strategies using Holly AI signals, auto-trading AI, and algorithmic curated swing trading. Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer – download the eBook for free and supercharge your trading skills!

3. Coming Back To Trading 2.0: A comprehensive guide for newcomers and returning traders, providing valuable insights, advanced tactics, and methodologies to thrive in the evolving stock market landscape. Take a leap towards trading mastery with our free eBook download – get it here!

4. Earnings Season: How to Use It in Your Trading: Challenge traditional assumptions about earnings season and learn to trade the market’s reaction to earnings announcements. Ready to level up your trading game? Download the eBook for free and start your journey to success.

5. My Favorite Strategy Indicators: Gain insights into essential indicators used in trading strategies, the significance of clean charts, earnings dates, position in range, and the Average True Range indicator. Download the eBook here for free.

6. Range Break & Pullbacks: Learn powerful trading strategies focusing on strong stocks during pullbacks, multi-strategy windows, and buying stocks at all-time highs. Dive into the world of trading wisdom – get your hands on the free eBook download today!

7. 5 Ways to Win in a Post BTFD Market: Discover crucial strategies for adapting to shifting market conditions, including stepping on the gas with short trades, flipping from long to short strategies, and making winning short volume plays. Don’t wait another minute – download the eBook for free and uncover the keys to trading excellence.

You can read more about these available eBooks from this Trade Ideas eBook Collection article. Enjoy the journey towards trading success!

Sharing Your Trade Ideas Coupon Code

Trade Ideas have an extensive affiliate promotion that is at the heart of its marketing, including with the Trade ideas coupon codes. You want to stay on top of the latest Trade Ideas coupon code list to maximize the potential of this affiliate program.

You can access your Trade Ideas Test Drive coupon code by going to the ‘partner dashboard’ section of your account after being approved for the affiliate marketing program. You’ll receive a commission credit based on the number of Test Drive trials that are purchased through your link.

If you’re planning to get involved with sharing your Trade Ideas coupon code, you want to be aware of the rules around affiliate marketing. A recent update to Trade Ideas terms and conditions means that you cannot misuse the platform’s affiliate program. The terms and conditions set out that affiliate marketing for Trade Ideas must accurately portraying the ‘Test Drive’ or Trade Ideas coupon code.

As an affiliate program member, you’ll have to remove any unauthorized or fake Trade Ideas promotion codes that may exist, along with removing digital Trade Idea promo codes that have expired. These changes to the terms and conditions of Trade Ideas are to keep the platform save from claims of false advertising and to make it easier to find.

The most popular way of getting a Trade Ideas coupon code is by using the affiliate program within the platform. There are three levels to Trade Ideas’ promotional code.

If you’re a recruit, you’ll get 14$ commission on up to 29 sales. By comparison, those with an apprenticeship can give up to $20 commission with almost 60 sales during the Test Drive promotion. You’ll hit the Master level when you make over 60 affiliate sales through your Trade Ideas coupon code at a 30% commission rate.

When you’re a part of Trade Ideas promo code club, you’ll get access to a variety of benefits. You’ll never pay a single fee for your program and can generate additional revenue on a commission-basis.

While it may be easy to keep track of the latest Trade Ideas promo code, the affiliate program gives you an exclusive affiliate link to allow you to start selling the courses.

What is Trade Ideas?

Trade Ideas is one of the best platforms for those taking the next step in the trading industry looking to get serious about investing due to its focus on educational content, including classes, webinars, and support. Trade Ideas states that its software is “designed for serious traders with adequate risk capital who are ready and willing to dominate the market”. The platform has competitors across the globe, one is Stockstotrade, which you may also be familiar with if you’re into trading. Learn how both platforms compare in our Trade Ideas and Stockstotrade comparison.

Trade Ideas is also ideal for professional traders and investment advisors as it utilizes artificial intelligence to create a virtual research analyst that goes through millions of potential trades every day.

Trade Ideas is an LLC that was established in 2003 and caters to potential investors from over 65 countries. The proprietary technology within the platform allows for the full promotion of interactive brokers. Trade Ideas promotes itself as ‘the only software you’ll ever need’, offering an extensive range of services that include market breadth, artificial intelligence, charting, and stimulated trading.

Due to the success of Trade Ideas, the platform has recently lowered the price of both its Premium and Standard Annual subscriptions. Recent upgrades to the platform’s server technology means that its now operating more efficiently and able to pass on its success to its users.

The cost of the Premium Annual membership before a Trade Ideas coupon code has dropped from $2268 to $1999. This new price works out as only $167 per month before applying a Trade Ideas coupon code. Meanwhile, the cost of the Standard Annual membership has dropped from $1068 to $999, making it a $83 monthly subscription fee.

Trade Ideas exists to be a new approach to the Stock Market and presents data visualization in new, exciting, and simplified ways to make stock trading more engaging. You can get access to the next generation of 0% commission-free trading when you get started with Tiger house.

The platform works by connecting you directly to $0 commission trading through your trading account. You’ll be able to manage your Trade Ideas promotion code and affiliate marketing links through your account.

If you’re looking to start using Trade Ideas’ premium functions, you want to wait until there is an active Trade Ideas coupon code to use. The Trade Ideas promo code list is continuously being added to with regular ‘Test Drive’ events that allow you access to the platform’s premium features at a reduced rate for a 2-week period.

Read our Trade Ideas Review to learn more information about Trade Ideas.

Trade Ideas Standard vs Premium

When it comes to choosing the right trading software, understanding the differences between Trade Ideas Standard and Trade Ideas Premium in 2023 is essential. By examining the features, benefits, and pricing of each subscription tier, you can make an in-depth assessment on which one suits your trading needs best.


Trade Ideas Standard offers a robust set of features designed to assist traders in their decision-making process. With real-time scanning, users can identify potential trading opportunities based on customizable filters and alerts. The back testing feature allows traders to test their strategies using historical data, gaining valuable insights into the effectiveness of their trading ideas. Access to pre-built scans further streamlines the process by providing popular high-performance scans that require no customization.

On the other hand, Trade Ideas Premium takes trading software to the next level with its advanced features. Premium subscribers gain access to AI-powered entry and exit signals, which are statistically weighted to provide valuable insights and enhance trading decisions. The Virtual Trade Assistant Holly AI serves as a real-time stock suggestion tool, analyzing market data and recommending potential trades. The innovative Stock Racing data visualization tool simplifies stock trading by presenting data in a unique and user-friendly format, enabling traders to quickly identify trends and patterns.


While Trade Ideas Standard offers valuable features, Trade Ideas Premium delivers enhanced benefits that cater to traders seeking more advanced functionality. Premium subscribers can leverage AI-powered signals to improve their trading accuracy and efficiency. These signals provide real-time guidance on when to enter or exit trades based on advanced algorithms and historical data analysis. The risk management levels feature assists traders in managing their positions effectively, helping to minimize potential losses and protect profits.

Another notable benefit of Trade Ideas Premium is simulated trading. This feature allows traders to practice their strategies and test new ideas in a simulated environment without using real money. This risk-free practice enhances traders’ skills and confidence, enabling them to refine their strategies before executing trades in the live market. Additionally, Premium subscribers enjoy priority customer support, ensuring they receive prompt assistance and guidance when needed.


Pricing is an important consideration when choosing between Trade Ideas Standard and Premium. Trade Ideas Premium is available at a monthly rate of $167, or an annual rate of $1999, providing subscribers with full access to all premium features. On the other hand, Trade Ideas Standard is available at a monthly rate of $84, or an annual rate of $999, offering a more cost-effective option for traders who require essential features.

Suggested Entry and Exit Signals
Real Time Simulated Trading
Live Trading Room
Real-time Streaming Trade Ideas
Simultaneous Charts2010
Chart Based Visual Trade Assistant
Price Alerts
Channel Bar—Curated Workspaces
A.I. Virtual Trading Analyst—Holly
Chart Based A.I. Trade Assistance
Risk Assessment
Build and Backtest any Trade Idea
Autotrade Strategies w/ Brokerage Plus

Trade Ideas Discount Archive

In the following section, you can find a list of the most recent trade ideas special discounts. Note that these discount are expired and are listed here for your information only. If you are not in a rush to get a trade ideas subscription, you can use this list to time your purchase and maximize your sign-up bonus.

To adhere to the guidelines of the Trade Ideas Partner Referral program, we promptly remove all expired special discount codes from this page. In the archive section below, the expired promo codes are substituted with the text “EXPIRED” to signify our commitment to this policy.

March 2024: Trade Ideas Easter Sale [EXPIRED]

Get ready to save big on your Trade Ideas subscription! Their Easter Sale is happening from March 18th-31st, and it’s your chance to lock in lower rates before prices increase on April 1st.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Early Bird Savings (March 18th-24th): Get a whopping 28% off annual subscriptions or 26% off monthly plans.
  • Last Chance Discounts (March 25th-31st): Still amazing savings with 25% off annual subscriptions or 23% off monthly plans.

The key thing to remember is that if you sign up during the Easter Sale, you keep your discounted rate indefinitely!

November 2023: Thanksgiving and Black Friday Sale [EXPIRED]

Trade Ideas is excited to extend a generous double offer to celebrate Thanksgiving and Black Friday! Take advantage of this special opportunity to enhance your trading experience with amazing deals featuring a 25% discount on both occasions.

For Thanksgiving, use this [COUPON CODE] to enjoy a 25% discount on your first subscription. This exclusive offer is valid throughout the sale period, starting on Tuesday, 11/21/23, and concluding at midnight on 11/28/23.

As we transition into the Black Friday shopping extravaganza, Trade Ideas continues to show appreciation for its users. Use this Trade Ideas Link during the same sale period, starting on Tuesday, 11/21/23, and ending at midnight on 11/28/23, to secure a 25% discount on your first subscription.

November 2023: Test Drive Sign up [EXPIRED]

Get ready for the Trade Ideas Test Drive Event, where you can access their premium product for a full two weeks, all for just $11. It’s a fantastic opportunity to unleash the power of Trade Ideas firsthand. Test Drive registration date starts from November 6-20. Make sure to sign up with this [COUPON CODE] to avail this limited offer.

The Power User Contest: Here’s your chance to win a $1,100 Amazon Gift Card by maximizing engagement with our Trade Ideas.

The Inaugural Portfolio Master Challenge: Compete in Trade Ideas’ simulated trading competition for a chance to walk away with a $1,700 Amazon Gift Card.

November 2023: Trade Ideas Fall Test Drive Sale [EXPIRED]

Get exclusive savings with the Trade Ideas Fall Test Drive! Sign up using this [COUPON CODE] to enjoy a 30% discount on your first installment. Hurry, the offer is only valid until midnight on Monday, November 13th. Don’t miss out on this limited-time opportunity!

Oct 25-31, 2023: Trade Ideas 25% off Halloween Sale [EXPIRED]

As the month winds down, don’t miss the chance to be part of Trade Ideas’ exciting Halloween Sale. Starting today and running through midnight on October 31, 2023, this sale offers a thrilling 25% off on the first purchase. It’s an opportunity to both treat yourself and earn a delightful commission. Use this [COUPON CODE]. Let’s make this Halloween spook-tacular together!

September 20, 2023: Trade Ideas First Day of Fall Sale [EXPIRED]

Embrace the changing seasons with Trade Ideas’ exclusive First Day of Fall Sale. From now until September 25th, you can save a generous 25% on any new subscription or when upgrading to Premium when you use this [COUPON CODE].

It’s your chance to supercharge your trading strategies with cutting-edge tools and insights, all while enjoying substantial savings. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer – seize the opportunity to take your trading to the next level with Trade Ideas.

September 2023: Trade Ideas 25% Labor Day Sale [EXPIRED]

Currently, Trade Ideas has a special promo code for Labor Day! As Labor Day approaches, let’s celebrate your hard work and dedication. Trade Ideas is also marking the occasion with the launch of its new website! Let’s make the most out of this exciting promotional opportunity. Use this [COUPON CODE] to get 25% off your first purchase from today until September 6, 2023. Don’t miss out on this fantastic deal!

June 30, 2023: Trade Ideas 25% 4th of July Sale [EXPIRED]

Kickstart your July with a bang and supercharge your trading strategies with the Trade Ideas 4th of July Sale! Get ready to save 25% during our Test Drive Sale, where you can explore the powerful features and benefits of Trade Ideas at a discounted price. Mark your calendars as this exciting sale starts on June 30th and ends at midnight on July 5th, 2023.

During the 4th of July Sale, you’ll have the opportunity to access Trade Ideas’ cutting-edge tools and resources that can revolutionize your trading game. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting out, Trade Ideas offers a wide range of intelligent trading tools, including real-time data, customizable scanners, backtesting capabilities, and much more. Use this Trade Ideas 4th of July link to save 25% during the test drive sale.

June 19, 2023: Trade Ideas 25% Father’s Day Promo Code [EXPIRED]

Father’s Day Sale: Save 25% on new subscription or upgrade to a premium plan. Use this trade ideas [COUPON CODE] to get 25% off the first payment of any subscription or towards an upgrade. This promotion is valid through June 19, 2023.

June 9, 2023: Trade Ideas 30% Early Test Drive Coupon Code [EXPIRED]

Trade Ideas is thrilled to announce that they have exceeded expectations with over 1,600 Test Drivers participating in this Test Drive, making it the largest Test Drive since 2021. Don’t miss out! Users can still sign up until this Friday, June 9th.

To celebrate the success of the 1st week of the Test Drive, Trade Ideas is offering an exclusive early adopter special sale this weekend. This sale will be available until midnight Sunday, June 11th.

As an early adopter, you have the opportunity to enjoy a massive 30% discount during the early adopter sale. Simply use this [COUPON CODE] during checkout. Hurry, though, as this code will expire at midnight on Sunday, June 11th.

May 30, 2023: Trade Ideas 25% Memorial Day Sale Code [EXPIRED]

Celebrate Memorial Day weekend with Trade Ideas! This weekend marks the Memorial Day holiday, and to honor the occasion, we have a special promotion just for you. Enjoy a fantastic 25% discount on all Trade Ideas products with the exclusive [COUPON CODE]. But hurry, this amazing offer expires on Tuesday, May 30th. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your trading strategies and maximize your profits. Use the [COUPON CODE] and elevate your trading game this Memorial Day weekend with Trade Ideas!

May 16, 2023: Trade Ideas Test Drive Sale [EXPIRED]

Take advantage of Trade Ideas Test Drive sale and get 25% off a new subscription or upgrade to a premium plan. You must sign up through this [COUPON CODE] provided on the page to get this discount. This type of Trade Ideas promo code is available several times a year. You want to remember that you can sign up for the Test Drive initiatives prior to their start date to ensure that you get the most out of the 2-week experience.

May 8, 2023: Trade Ideas 25% Cinco de Mayo Sale [EXPIRED]

Next Friday is Cinco de Mayo, a day of celebration for the Mexican army’s victory over the French forces in the Battle of Puebla. Whether you’re planning to enjoy a margarita, guacamole, or just a fun time with family and friends, Trade Ideas has something special for you!

To celebrate this festive occasion, Trade Ideas is offering a 25% Cinco de Mayo sale on all subscriptions and upgrades. You can use the [COUPON CODE] to get a 25% discount on any subscription or upgrade through midnight Monday, May 8th.

Don’t miss this chance to take your trading to the next level with Trade Ideas’ powerful tools and expert guidance. So, get your margarita mix and guacamole ready and celebrate Cinco de Mayo with big savings from Trade Ideas. Remember to use the [COUPON CODE] at checkout to take advantage of this amazing offer. Happy trading and happy Cinco de Mayo!

April 9, 2023: Trade Ideas 25% Easter Day Sale [EXPIRED]

Get ready to celebrate Easter Day with an amazing promotion from Trade Ideas! This Sunday, April 9th, as you gather with loved ones and enjoy the festivities, don’t miss out on the Trade Ideas Easter Day Sale. Use the exclusive [COUPON CODE] to unlock a fantastic 25% discount on any subscription or upgrade. But hurry, this incredible offer is only valid until midnight on Monday, April 10th. Whether you’re a seasoned trader looking to enhance your strategies or a beginner ready to dive into the world of trading, now is the perfect time to take advantage of this exclusive Easter Day Sale. Don’t wait any longer – use the code [COUPON CODE] and elevate your trading experience with Trade Ideas!

March 20, 2023: Trade Ideas 25% St. Patrick’s Day Sale [EXPIRED]

Join us in celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with an exciting promotion from Trade Ideas! As we embrace the spirit of the Irish, we invite you to partake in the Trade Ideas St. Patrick’s Day Sale. Help us spread the luck of the Irish by using the exclusive [COUPON CODE], specially designed for our valued partners. This code grants you a generous 25% discount on any subscription or upgrade. But hurry, this incredible offer is only valid until midnight on Monday, March 20th. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting your trading journey, now is the perfect time to take advantage of this exclusive St. Patrick’s Day Sale. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your trading strategies and elevate your success with Trade Ideas. Remember to use the [COUPON CODE] and let the luck of the Irish guide you to trading prosperity!

February 21, 2023: Trade Ideas 25% President’s Day Sale [EXPIRED]

Get ready to celebrate President’s Day with an incredible promotion from Trade Ideas! As we honor the legacy of past presidents, we invite you to take advantage of the Trade Ideas President’s Day Sale. Starting next Monday, this exclusive sale brings you a fantastic opportunity to save big on any subscription or upgrade with our special [COUPON CODE]

With the [COUPON CODE], you can enjoy a generous 25% discount on your selected subscription or upgrade. This is your chance to elevate your trading game with powerful tools and strategies offered by Trade Ideas, all while enjoying significant savings. But don’t wait too long! This amazing offer is only valid until midnight on Tuesday, February 21st.

Join us in celebrating President’s Day with Trade Ideas and unlock the potential for greater profitability. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your trading strategies and maximize your trading success. Remember to use the [COUPON CODE] during checkout to secure your 25% discount. Act now and make this President’s Day one to remember in your trading journey!

Final Thoughts on Trade Ideas Coupon Code

If you’re not in a rush to subscribe to trade ideas, we recommend waiting until one of the higher value Trade Ideas coupon codes are online – especially during the ‘Test Drive’ events. If you are ready to pull the trigger on a trade ideas subscription, you can use our 100% working trade ideas partner coupon code TASTY15 to sign up and get 15% off your first order.

These promotional events are the best time to sign up for Trade Ideas as you’ll get access to the platform’s premium features at the most affordable rate for a short time before being offered an exclusive discount code after your reduced-price trial.

With this in-depth review of the latest Trade Ideas coupon code list, you’ve seen how to get the most out of Trade Ideas with our step-by-step guide. Don’t forget to use our Trade Ideas coupon link when signing up to Trade Ideas! You can also explore the Trade Ideas Trading Room to make wiser trading decisions and navigate the dynamic market landscape with confidence.

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