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Follow these steps to earn $20:

1. Enter Ibotta Referral Code:


2. Redeem 10 offers within 14 days.

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ibotta referral code logo

Follow these steps to earn $20:

1. Enter Ibotta Referral Code:


2. Redeem 10 offers within 14 days.

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Ibotta Referral Code: QRJIYI – Earn $20 FREE Sign up Bonus and $10 for Every Referral to Ibotta

If you are new to Ibotta, use our Ibotta Referral Code: QRJIYI to enjoy Ibotta cashback and Ibotta bonuses. Ibotta is a well-known cashback app that rewards users for their spending habits. The typical Ibotta user earns $150 a year from purchases they make at the grocery shopping or online. Ibotta users can enjoy bonus rewards as well.


How to Sign-up with Ibotta Using an Ibotta Referral Code

Ibotta has a lot to offer, and it’s something to be shared with people close to you. Why keep the benefits to yourself, right? Sending an Ibotta invitation to your friends, relatives, and colleagues to sign-up with Ibotta is a fun way to earn more. Here are the steps on how to use the Ibotta referral code.

  1. Register through Register | Ibotta
  2. Sign-up using your personal information like your name, email, password, birth date, and zip code.
  3. Notice the referral code box below. Here you may input our Ibotta referral code: QRJIYI to earn up to a $20 sign-up bonus. Then click “create account.” That’s it, easy as pie!

How Does The Ibotta Sign-up Bonus Work?

Not only can you buy your favorite products with Ibotta, but you can also be rewarded for your spending with a cash bonus. Ibotta encourages its users to save and will offer bonuses up to $20 as soon as you redeem special deals in the app. What are these bonuses?

How to Become Eligible for The Ibotta Sign-up Bonus

  • Get a $10 sign-up bonus upon redeeming any in-store offer.

  • Collect a $5 sign-up bonus when you redeem an offer from Mobile Shopping.

  • Receive another $5 sign-up bonus if you redeem an in-store or Mobile Shopping offer.

There are two essential requirements for you to be eligible for the Ibotta sign-up bonus:

  1. You should sign-up using a device that hasn’t been used to register to Ibotta yet.
  2. The redemption of your first qualifying offer has to be made within the terms of your specific bonus. For more specific details, check your app’s “Bonus” section.

Why Sign-up With Ibotta Using an Ibotta Referral Code

There are so many reasons that an Ibotta account is a great idea. We’ve listed our top 4 reasons why you should create an Ibotta account today using an Ibotta referral code.

1.) Earn cashback from your favorite retailers

Ibotta works in over 300 retail chains. These stores include pharmacies, grocery, home or sporting goods stores, book stores, beauty and clothing stores, pet supply stores, and more. The savings are endless.


2.) Ibotta supports in-store shopping

Ibotta helps you save money both at online and physical retailers. Ibotta also gives cashback on in-store transactions like grocery shopping, entertainment, and restaurants.

3.) Cashback from mobile shopping

You can earn cashback from mobile or online purchases for hotels, airfare, event tickets, car rentals, and food delivery services.

4.) New offers and giveaways from Ibotta weekly

Ibotta prepares surprises for its users to receive cashback and extra rewards to save more. All Ibotta shoppers are delighted to receive news like this.

How to Maximize Ibotta Earnings After Signing-up with an Ibotta Referral Code

There are plenty of ways to earn extra money with Ibotta after using your Ibotta referral code. From teamwork bonuses to creating referral codes, there are plenty of ways to save.

1.) Ibotta Teamwork Bonuses

Gather your friends to create a team and earn Ibotta bonuses together. Once you have signed up using our Ibotta referral code: QRJIYI, check your app’s settings and click “Connected Accounts.” You will see a prompt to link your Facebook account. By doing this, you create a fast and effective way to connect to your friends, build your team, and earn teamwork bonuses together each month.

2.) Make Your Own Ibotta Referral Code

Have your friends sign-up using your Ibotta referral code. Take note that your invitee must install the app on a device that is not linked to an Ibotta account already. You will receive your bonus within 30 days of account registration.


3.) Cashback from Bonuses

Stack your earnings with Ibotta bonuses. Buying multiple specific items or visiting a pre-determined retail store can earn you extra money. Monitor your earnings by accessing the Bonus section of your Ibotta app from the main menu. The Bonus section helps you track the Bonuses that you have already completed, as well as your available Bonuses and Bonus progress to keep you updated.

4.) Keep yourself posted

Be updated with the latest news from Ibotta by subscribing to Ibotta’s newsletter, blog, and following on their social media platforms. You’ll stay updated with the latest information about Ibotta’s newest earning opportunities.

5.) Take advantage of your Ibotta loyalty account

Link your Ibotta loyalty account to your favorite stores, and Ibotta will link your purchases to qualifying deals at checkout. Yes, even without receipts, you’ll still earn cash back with Ibotta.

There are more things you can do with Ibotta, so we came up with a new article to give you tips to earn cashback with Ibotta.

Final Thoughts on Ibotta Referral

Everybody spends regularly, but not everybody gets to save while spending. But for an Ibotta user, it makes shopping or spending a little easier. Imagine earning cashback on daily purchases and earning bonuses at the same time. Just sign-up with Ibotta and use this Ibotta referral code: QRJIYI, and get your first $20 bonus.

Ibotta has been a great help for its users since 2012. Use your extra Ibotta funds to save, buy gifts for loved ones, pay bills, save for vacations – however you want to use it! Shop, dine, spend with Ibotta, and earn decent money in return. See for yourself how Ibotta can help you stretch your budget.

Want to know more about Ibotta? Check out this Ibotta Review to see if it’s worth it for you.