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Ibotta Referral Program

To receive the Ibotta referral bonus, enter an Ibotta referral code after you sign up then redeem 10 offers within 14 days.

Ibotta Referral Steps

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When you sign up for Ibotta with an Ibotta referral code, you qualify to earn $5 for free on top of your spending cashback. You can earn $20 or more by completing welcome bonus offers.

To qualify for the referral bonus, new users must sign up with an Ibotta referral code and redeem 10 offers within 14 days of registration.

Existing Ibotta users will also receive $5 for every successful Ibotta referral. If you are new to Ibotta, you can use the Ibotta referral code QRJIYI to sign up and receive your free $5 bonus. However, remember that the Ibotta referral program has rules and you could be disqualified if you do not complete the referral steps in order and on time.

Below, you can find a step-by-step guide on how to correctly sign-up with an Ibotta referral code. If you’re new to Ibotta, be sure to read our article on “How to Use Ibotta” to maximize your earnings. Happy saving!

Ibotta Referral Program
📜 Ibotta Referral CodeQRJIYI
💰 Referring Gets$10
🤑 Referred Gets$10-30
💲 Redeem10 Offers
📆 Get Paid In24 Hours

How to Use an Ibotta Referral Code?

Wondering where to enter your Ibotta referral code? Just follow these simple steps to snag a $5 Ibotta referral bonus:

1. First things first, make sure you’ve never installed Ibotta on your device before. Duplicates apps or reinstalling the app will disqualify you from the bonus. No one wants that! 🙅‍♂️

2. Sign up using this Ibotta referral link. If the referral code isn’t already applied, just type in the Ibotta referral code “QRJIYI” (without the quotation marks) and move on to the next step! 😊

3. Redeem 10 offers (in-store or online) within 14 days of registration, and you’re all set to rake in that Ibotta sign-up bonus! 🎉 Just make sure to redeem at least one offer in-store and one through mobile shopping to snag the Ibotta welcome bonus.

Ibotta Referral Code: $30 Bonus

Note: You must redeem at least one offer in-store and one offer through mobile shopping to receive the Ibotta welcome bonus.

Ibotta Referral Program Requirements

Keep in mind that the Ibotta referral program has some rules you need to follow. If you don’t play by the rules, your account and referral bonuses could be voided. 😱

You cannot invite yourself to join Ibotta or you cannot invite another user to Ibotta using the same mobile device.

You cannot make false statements about Ibotta’s referral program. For example, you cannot advertise your Ibotta referral code as a “$100 Ibotta referral bonus”. More generally, you cannot distribute junk mails, ads, unsolicited advertising, promotional materials, chain mail, informational announcements, and charity requests with your Ibotta referral code.

You cannot impersonate or misrepresent Ibotta in order to get referral bonuses.

Where to Find Your Ibotta Referral Code?

You can find your Ibotta referral code by going to your Account in the Ibotta app and tapping “Refer a friend”. You may copy your referral code from here and send it by email, text, Twitter, Facebook, and other methods.

Where to Find Your Ibotta Referral Code

How Many Users Can You Refer to Ibotta?

There’s no limit to how many friends you can refer to Ibotta! The more pals that sign up using your Ibotta referral code, the more referral bonuses you’ll stack up. But heads up—sometimes Ibotta flags accounts with unusual referral activity (yep, it’s happened to us too). Thankfully, the super helpful Ibotta support team has unlocked our account every time. 🙌

If you find your Ibotta account flagged for odd referral activity, you’ll need to show Ibotta how you got your referrals (like through a blog post, email, or friends list). Just saying you used one of those methods won’t cut it. You’ll need to send Ibotta your blog post, website, or messages you shared with friends in emails. Communication is key! 🗣️💡

When Will You Receive Your Ibotta Referral Bonus?

You will only receive your Ibotta referral bonus when your friend successfully registers with Ibotta using your unique Ibotta referral code. Note that new users must sign up with a device that has not previously been associated with another Ibotta account. Once they redeem a qualifying offer, you get your Ibotta referral bonus in your Ibotta account within 24 hours.

Did Not Receive Your Ibotta Referral Bonus?

In some instances, you may not receive your referral bonus when a friend signs up with your Ibotta referral code. Below are some common reasons for this:

  1. The referred user had a previous Ibotta account that disqualifies him/her as a new Ibotta user.
  2. Your friend signed up with a device that is linked to another Ibotta account.
  3. An offer wasn’t successfully redeemed by your referral.
  4. Occasionally, Ibotta limits the number of people you can refer to Ibotta to 20 referrals per month. If you refer more than 20 new users to Ibotta during those promotional periods, then you will not receive an invitation bonus.

Remember that you won’t get credit for merely opening an Ibotta account. You must redeem an offer to receive the Ibotta referral bonus. Additionally, some offers are not eligible for the welcome bonus. For example, “Any Brand” and “Any Receipt” items are not eligible for the welcome bonus. If none of these cases apply to you, you can contact the Ibotta support and inquire about your referral bonus.

What is the Ibotta “Something Went Wrong” Error Message?

If you’ve tried to withdraw cash from Ibotta and you see the “Something went wrong” error message, don’t panic because you’re not alone. We have seen this error message on our Ibotta app at least a dozen times! Below are some reasons why you may see this error message and what you can do about it.

The Ibotta automated system continuously monitors users’ accounts for shopping behavior, cashback eligibility, and other account audits. These measures are in place to make sure that your account is safe and neither you, nor Ibotta, fall victim to some kind of financial fraud. Your account may get flagged for the following reasons:

  1. You have duplicate accounts or a piece of personal information is missing.
  2. Your cashback validation is not complete. This means that Ibotta needs a few more days to verify your cashback (perhaps with vendors).
  3. You have shared your Ibotta referral code too many times.
  4. The automated system made a mistake.

In most cases, all of these issues can be addressed via a quick email to the Ibotta support team. You can send an email to Ibotta via the app. If you have duplicate accounts, the Ibotta team will ask you to choose to keep one account and decide which one you want to delete.

Cashback validation related holds require patience. In some cases, it may take a week for the hold to be removed from your account if the hold is due to cashback validation.

If the hold on your account is due to unusual referral activity, then you will need to let Ibotta know how you gathered your Ibotta referrals (through a blog post, email, friends list, etc.). Just telling Ibotta that you are using one of these methods is not enough. You will need to forward to Ibotta your blog post, website, or messages that you shared in emails to your friends list.

If your account was flagged by mistake, then a quick review of your account will release the hold. The Ibotta support team is super nice and we’ve had nothing but good experience every time we’ve contacted them to unfreeze our account.

What is the Ibotta $3.99 Fee?

Ibotta is free to use. However, if your account is inactive for more than 180 days, Ibotta will charge you a $3.99 inactivity fee. Keep in mind that the inactivity fee is never drawn from your bank account. If you have a balance in your Ibotta app and forget about it and don’t redeem another offer for 180 days, then Ibotta will deduct $3.99 from your Ibotta cash back balance. To avoid the inactivity fee, make sure to redeem any offer in the app at least every 180 days.

Why Sign-up for Ibotta?

There are so many reasons that an Ibotta account is a great idea. We’ve listed our top 4 reasons why you should create an Ibotta account today using an Ibotta referral code.

1. Earn cashback from your favorite retailers
Ibotta works in over 300 retail chains. These stores include pharmacies, grocery, home or sporting goods stores, book stores, beauty and clothing stores, pet supply stores, and more. The savings are endless. If you’re thinking how Ibotta connects to retail stores and generate income, check out the article How Does Ibotta Make Money.

Earn cash back with Ibotta

2. Ibotta supports in-store and online shopping
You can save money both at online and physical retailers with Ibotta. You can earn cashback from mobile or online purchases for hotels, airfare, event tickets, car rentals, and food delivery services. Ibotta also gives cashback on in-store transactions like grocery shopping, entertainment, and restaurants. Have you also heard of Rakuten? Discover how Rakuten and Ibotta compares in our Ibotta vs Rakuten article.

3. New offers and giveaways from Ibotta weekly
Ibotta prepares surprises for its users to receive cashback and extra rewards to save more. All Ibotta shoppers are delighted to receive news like this. Do you want more cashback rewards? There are popular cash back apps other than Ibotta. Check out Dosh vs Ibotta and learn how both platforms compare.

4. Earn Free Cash with Ibotta Referral Program
Ibotta has one of the most generous and straightforward referral programs among shopping cashback apps. In 2021, we referred over 30,000 new users to Ibotta with our Ibotta referral code. Based on our experience, and compared to other shopping cashback apps, Ibotta has the highest number of new user sign-ups and successful referrals. This may be due to the fact that new Ibotta users sign up with a referral code instead of a referral link.

Some referral links have the disadvantage of failing to track new users. Also, how to enter referral code on Ibotta is relatively easy than other platforms. Additionally, Ibotta’s referral program has no limits. You can refer as many new users as you can and receive compensation for every successful sign-up.

If you want to try referral programs of other shopping apps, check out the Dosh referral program and get $5 FREE when you use a Dosh referral code.

How to Maximize Ibotta Earnings?

There are plenty of ways to earn extra money with Ibotta after using your Ibotta referral code. From teamwork bonuses to creating referral codes, there are plenty of ways to save.

1. Ibotta Teamwork Bonuses
Gather your friends to create a team and earn Ibotta bonuses together. Once you have signed up using our Ibotta referral code: QRJIYI, check your app’s settings and click “Connected Accounts.” You will see a prompt to link your Facebook account. By doing this, you create a fast and effective way to connect to your friends, build your team, and earn teamwork bonuses together each month.

2. Share Your Own Ibotta Referral Code
Have your friends sign-up using your Ibotta referral code. Take note that your invitee must install the app on a device that is not linked to an Ibotta account already. You will receive your bonus within 30 days of account registration.

Share Your Ibotta Referral Code

3. Cashback from Bonuses
Stack your earnings with Ibotta bonuses. Buying multiple specific items or visiting a pre-determined retail store can earn you extra money. Monitor your earnings by accessing the Bonus section of your Ibotta app from the main menu. The Bonus section helps you track the Bonuses that you have already completed, as well as your available Bonuses and Bonus progress to keep you updated.

If you want to earn more rewards, check out Fetch rewards referral.

4. Keep yourself posted
Be updated with the latest news from Ibotta by subscribing to Ibotta’s newsletter, blog, and following on their social media platforms. You’ll stay updated with the latest information about Ibotta’s newest earning opportunities.

5. Take advantage of your Ibotta loyalty account
Link your Ibotta loyalty account to your favorite stores, and Ibotta will link your purchases to qualifying deals at checkout. Yes, even without receipts, you’ll still earn cash back with Ibotta.

There are more things you can do with Ibotta, so we came up with a new article to give you tips to earn cashback with Ibotta and so, you can get more information on how to get Ibotta reward codes.

Is Ibotta Safe?

Ibotta employs industry-leading security procedures to keep your personal information safe at all times.

  • Built-in Security: Ibotta utilizes bank-level encryption, constant system monitoring, and stringent security measures.

  • Privacy Protection: Ibotta has rigorous access controls, data rules, and audits that are performed on a regular basis. Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is never sold to a third party.

  • Robust Encryption for Payment Card Information: Ibotta’s servers never keep any of your personal or financial information. Also, Ibotta utilizes the same encryption standards as your bank, so information like your address and credit card number is instantaneously encrypted and inaccessible to others. Ibotta has a long history of partnering with reputable industry-leading companies and has a proven track record of security.

  • App and Platform Security: At all times, your data is secured utilizing both software and hardware measures. A text message is sent to authenticate your identity before authorizing withdrawals from your profits or access to payment services if you protect your account with a phone number.

Final Thoughts on Ibotta Referral

Everybody spends regularly, but not everybody gets to save while spending. But for an Ibotta user, it makes shopping or spending a little easier. Imagine earning cashback on daily purchases and earning bonuses at the same time. Just sign-up with Ibotta and use this Ibotta referral code: QRJIYI, and get your first $5 bonus.

Ibotta has been a great help for its users since 2012. Use your extra Ibotta funds to save, buy gifts for loved ones, pay bills, save for vacations – however you want to use it! Shop, dine, spend with Ibotta, and earn decent money in return. See for yourself how Ibotta can help you stretch your budget. Also check out the 8 Best Cashback Apps in 2023 to help you earn passive income.

Want to know more about Ibotta? Check out this Ibotta Review to see if it’s worth it for you. If you want to get more referral bonuses, check out our referral articles like Chime referral and Rakuten referral.

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