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Investing in stocks is easier than ever today with so many investment apps available. But many apps make it even easier for your money to grow by offering cash referral programs. Whether you earn cash by using someone else’s referral code or you share your own, you can all earn cash bonuses just for trying new apps.

Here are the top stockbrokers with free cash referral programs.


If you love tastytrade, share the brokerage with your friends and family! The tastytrade referral program has simple requirements. You must have an active tastytrade account that’s funded at the time you make the referral. Your account must also be active and funded when you redeem your credits.

tastytrade pays referrers in ‘credits.’ Here’s what you can earn:

  • 2 credits – Google Home

  • 5 credits – Chicago Food Package

  • 10 credits – 1 year of high speed internet access

  • 20 credits – Trip for 2 to Chicago

  • 50 credits – Apple package (MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone, and Apple watch)

  • 750 credits – Tesla Model

Tastyworks Referral Rewards

You can also request the cash equivalent of the appropriate prize. If you are looking for a tastytrade referral code and a complete guide on the tastytrade’ referral program, check out this tastytrade referral article.


Webull pays you with free stocks just for signing up with a Webull referral code and then you can earn even more free stocks by sharing your referral code with others.

To get your free stocks, you’ll complete these steps:

  1. Open your free Webull account using a referral link
  2. Click ‘claim my free stock’ in the app
  3. You’ll receive a free stock just for opening an account
  4. Direct deposit at least $5 into your account
  5. Click ‘claim my free stock’ and you’ll receive your 2nd free stock

The free stocks are usually worth between $3 and $300, but the values and promotions change often.

Once you have an active account, click on ‘Promotion Center’, then ‘Invitation Bonus’, and ‘Invite’ to get your code to share with friends and family. You’re free to share your link in email, social media, or even text messages.

Webull Referral: Get 2 Free Stocks

Read more information about the Webull referral in this Webull referral article. You may use our Webull referral link too if you haven’t signed up yet.

M1 Finance

M1 Finance is a great app for DIY investors. It’s the perfect combination of robo-advisor and managing your own investments and right now you can earn $50 for every referral you send to M1 Finance.

Here’s how:

  1. You must have an active and funded M1 Finance account
  2. Share your referral code with friends and family
  3. Your referrals must use your code to sign up for an M1 account
  4. Once approved, your referral must deposit $100 in a taxable account or $300 in a retirement account within 30 days of approval
  5. Your referral must leave the deposited funds for 30 days
  6. Both you and your referral receive $50 in your M1 Finance account

Learn more information on how to get the M1 Finance referral bonus in this M1 Finance referral article. 

M1 Finance Referral: $50 Bonus

Here’s how to find your M1 Finance referral link:


  • Log into your M1 account
  • Click on your name in the upper right corner
  • Select ‘Refer and Earn’
  • Share your link with friends and family


  • Click on settings which can be found in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Select ‘View Referrals’
  • Share your link with friends and family

Cash App

Cash App, the app that makes it easy to pay friends and family instantly, is offering a cash bonus when you use a referral link to sign up and again when you refer friends and family to sign up for Cash App. Cash App pays you a cash bonus for using a referral link to sign up. But, you also have to send your first $5 within 14 days for both you and your referrer to receive a bonus.

Here’s how:

  1. Download the Cash App from the Apple or Google Play store
  2. Enter your name and phone number
  3. Go to your profile page and click ‘Enter referral code’
  4. Enter the provided referral code
  5. Link your debit or credit card and send money within 14 days
  6. Earn your bonus
Cash App Referral Code

You can further your earnings by referring friends and family using your unique referral code.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to your profile page and click ‘Invite Friends’
  2. Copy the link
  3. Share with friends and family in email, text, or social media

If you need more information on how Cash app referral works, this Cash App referral article can surely help you.


Acorns is a great robo-advisor for new investors. Whether you use it to automatically invest your spare change or to invest larger amounts of money, Acorns is an affordable way to invest your money and now you can get paid to refer friends and family too.

Acorns Referral: Get $5 for FREE

Acorns pays you $5 for every referral you send to them using your unique referral link. Here’s how it works.

Your Acorns account must be in good standing. You’ll receive a personal invitation link in your profile that you can share with as many friends or family as you want. Each time someone signs up for Acorns using your link AND they fund their account with at least $5, you both earn a $5 investment from Acorns.

If either you or your referee becomes ineligible because you close your account or don’t fund the account with at least $5 during the promotional period, you both lose the opportunity to secure the bonus.

If you need guidelines on how to successfully sign-up with Acorns via referral, check out this Acorns referral article. 


Dough, the commission-free stock and options trading app offers bonuses when you sign up using a referral link and when you refer others using your own link. To get started, download the Dough app using the provided referral link and apply for a brokerage account. After your account is approved, and you’ve deposited at least $25 in your account, you’ll receive your free stock within 7 business days in your account.


You can also make money by referring friends and family to Dough. Inside your app, look for the share link. Copy the link and share it with friends and family. If your referrals use your link to download the app, sign up for an account, and get approved, you’ll earn free stock for each referral.

The free stock from Dough may range from $2 per share to $200 per share and is from the list of top 200 traded stocks at that time.


Robinhood is a commission-free investment platform, making it easy for new and experienced investors to make the most of their money. Robinhood believes in sharing the wealth, so they pay you a ‘reward stock’ for every person you invite. You can receive up to $500 in reward stock each year.


To invite friends and family to join you on Robinhood do the following:

  1. Click the account icon in your app
  2. Select ‘get free stock’
  3. Select ‘invite contacts’
  4. Hit ‘invite’ next to each of the contacts in your list you want to invite

If your friends or family sign up for Robinhood using your referral link, you must claim your stock. You can do this by clicking on the link sent in your alert or click on your messages in your app. You must claim each stock earned to make it a part of your portfolio. You may use our Robinhood referral link to sign up and get your free stocks.


Stash is a great investment app for beginners. If you have friends and family looking to start investing, help them get started by providing your referral link to join you on Stash. The exact reward Stash offers changes often. But one thing that remains the same is you must share your Stash referral link to get the reward. Each offer also has requirements you and the referrer must meet. If all requirements are met, you both receive the intended reward.

The money you earn from Stash referrals is bonus money meant for you to invest in Stash. You cannot withdraw the cash for up to 90 days after you receive it.



Sofi provides everything investors need to manage their money including a spend account or the ability to borrow at low APRs. If you love Sofi, share the love with friends and family and you’ll both get $10 for doing it.

All you have to do is invite friends or family to invest, save, or borrow with SoFi using your referral link and you both earn $10. You can grab your referral link in your profile, just copy and paste it in your emails, social media pages, and text messages and let everyone enjoy the perks SoFi offers.

Feel free to use our SoFi referral link to register and earn your SoFi referral bonus.



If you love following other stock investors and/or sharing what you’re investing in, Public is the most innovative app for investment sharing. Not only is Public a technology-forward company, but they pay cash bonuses when you refer others to Public. Both the referrer and referee earn a ‘stock slice’ or part of a stock worth up to $70 when you successfully refer someone. This means both the referrer and referee have an active, approved, and funded account. You can choose one of 9 stocks and will receive an allocated amount of the stock at Public’s discretion. Each member can earn up to $500 in referral bonuses.


Final Thoughts

Each of these referral programs can change, so always check back with your chosen app to see the latest terms and conditions. Most stockbrokers offer some type of incentive to refer friends and family, though. Check out their procedure, know the terms, and rack up the bonuses, helping your money grow even faster!