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Cash App Referral Program

To receive the Cash App referral bonus, enter Cash App referral code FRLSRVM after you sign up, then link a debit card to your account, and send $5 to another Cash App user within 14 days.

Cash App Referral Steps

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The Cash App referral program has evolved over the years. Initially, new users enjoyed a $10 bonus, while existing users could earn as much as $30 for referring new users. However, as of January 2024, all new users receive $5 when they sign up with a referral code.

While this may seem less enticing at first glance, there’s still good news. Your own Cash App referral code can still earn you anywhere between $5 and $30 for every new user you refer!

Ready to earn that $5 bonus? Use my verified Cash App Referral Code “FRLSRVM” during your sign-up process. Just a friendly reminder: You must send $5 to another Cash App user within two weeks to claim your bonus!

Want to earn more free cash? Refer your family and friends to Cash App. There’s no limit to the number of people you can invite to Cash App. So go ahead and share your referral code far and wide. The more users you invite, the more free cash you stand to earn.

Cash App Referral Program
📜 Cash App Referral CodeFRLSRVM
💰 Referring Gets$5-30
🤑 Referred Gets$5
💲 Initial Deposit $5
📆 Get PaidInstantly

What is the Referral Code for Cash App?

Each Cash App user is assigned a unique seven-character referral code found within their account. If you’re on the hunt for a Cash App code, you’re welcome to use my verified referral code FRLSRVM. As of January 2024, inviting a friend to Cash App with your referral code could net you up to $30 in free cash. The referral bonus amount varies based on location or when you opened your account. It could be $5, $10, $15, or even $30. So, sharing your code could turn out to be quite the rewarding experience!

Watch out for exaggerated Cash App codes published around the web! You will only receive a $5 sign-up bonus with all Cash App codes. Note that once you enter a referral code in your account, you cannot remove it or add another referral code.

The video below will show you how to sign up with a Cash App free money code.

Where is the Referral Code on Cash App?

So, you might be wondering where your free Cash App referral code is hiding. Unfortunately, it’s not very easy to spot the code. Instead of a code, you might see a message that says something like “Invite Friends, Get $5” or “Invite Friends, Get $30”.

To find your referral code, head on over to your profile page by tapping on the little silhouette icon on the top right corner of the app. Then, look for the “Invite Friends, Get $30” text.

Now, don’t freak out if your code doesn’t give you $30 – depending on various factors such as your location, it might be $5, $10, $15, or $30. When you do this, you’ll see a share button on the top right corner of the app.

Tap the share icon and select an app to share the code with your friend. At the end of the text that is automatically generated, you’ll find a link that looks like this:

Now, here’s the important part: your referral code is actually the last 7 characters of that link. So, in the example I just gave you, the referral code would be FRLSRVM. That’s what you’ll need to share with your friends if you want them to use your code and get some free money from Cash App.

Where to Enter Cash App Referral Code?

Curious about how to enter in a referral code on Cash App? It’s a easy, but there’s a catch – you can only enter it post sign-up. So, start by installing Cash App, filling in your details, and just follow the steps below to claim that Cash App referral bonus.

Step 1: Install Cash App

Curious about how to punch in a referral code on Cash App? It’s a breeze, but there’s a catch – you can only enter it post sign-up. So, kick things off by installing Cash App, filling in your details, and just follow the steps below to claim that Cash App referral bonus.

Step 2: Enter Cash App Referral Code

With your account all set up, it’s time for the fun part – entering the referral code. Navigate to your profile page by tapping the icon in the top right corner. Right at the bottom, you’ll spot a field labeled “Enter Referral Code”. This is where you’ll type in the Cash App referral code: FRLSRVM. But hold your horses, there’s one more step to go!

Where to Enter Cash App Referral Code
Step 1: Where to Enter Referral Code
Step 2: Where to Enter Cash App Referral Code

Step 3: Send $5 to another Cash App user

For the last step, you’ll need to link a debit card or bank account to your Cash App account. Then, within a 14-day window, send $5 to a friend on Cash App. As soon as that’s done, Cash App thanks you with a $5 bonus – easy money!

And here’s a cherry on top! When you invite a friend to Cash App, and they follow the same steps, the rewards keep coming. After your friend’s first transaction, you could receive an additional bonus of $5, $10, $15, or even $30!

So, ready to get the ball rolling? Rally your friends, share your referral code, and watch the rewards pile up with each new sign-up on Cash App. The sky’s the limit with referrals, so the more pals you bring in, the merrier the cash rewards.

Just to give you an idea, in 2022, I made nearly $150k from Cash App referral bonuses through this blog. Those lucrative days are long gone, because a lot of people have the app today, and the referral bonus is lower now than it used to be. But you can still make

What’s the Cash App Referral Code HACK?

I hate to give you the bad news, but there’s no such thing as a Cash App referral hack. I have seen a bunch of misleading codes out there promising crazy bonuses like $100, $200, even $750! But as the saying goes, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

The truth is, you’ll only get a $5 bonus for using referral codes that are published on trusted blogs and channels. It’s hard to tell how much bonus you’ll receive from a code until you actually apply it to your account. And once you’ve applied a code, you can’t remove it or add another one.

Don’t fall for any scams promising crazy bonuses or try to cheat the system by creating multiple accounts. You could get flagged and never receive your sign-up bonus. Stick to using legit referral codes and you’ll still earn some sweet rewards.

How to Get $10 with a Cash App Code?

You may be wondering about the $10 Cash App referral code, right? I used to have a working $10 referral code on this page until June 2022, but that code is not valid anymore. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll find another $10 Cash App code like the one I had because Cash App changes referral codes for existing users about once a year.

While I am not sure why Cash App changes referral codes, I know that changing the referral code doesn’t invalidate the old code or its bonus amount. It sort of makes sense not to invalidate the old code because you may have already shared your code with friends or family. If the code changes after you have shared the old code with them, you will both still get the referral bonus!

My Cash App Referral Failed, Why?

Did you try to use a Cash App code or share your own code, but it failed? Bummer! But don’t worry, there could be a few reasons why this happened.

  1. First things first, the most common reason for a “Failed” message is spam or fraud-like activity. If you created multiple accounts with different emails, phone numbers, or bank information, Cash App might think something fishy is going on and flag your account. Cash App has become better at detecting fraud than its early days.
  2. Did you use the same phone to create two Cash App accounts? Even if you were not trying to scam the system, and somehow needed two use the same phone to sign in two different accounts, Cash App could have flagged your account.
  3. Another reason why your referral bonus might fail is that the “referral link” didn’t apply the Cash App referral code to your account. If that’s the case, you’ll need to manually enter the referral code to get your bonus.
  4. Remember that the person you invited must send at least $5 to another Cash App user within 14 days of being invited for you to receive the sign-up bonus.
Cash App Referral Code Failed

Cash App Referral Rules

There are a few things you must keep in mind about the Cash App Referral program.

1. Do not try to open multiple Cash App accounts just to get the Cash App referral bonus. Cash App can and will flag accounts that misuse its referral program. It is especially easy for Cash App to identify duplicate accounts if you provide the same bank account, debit/credit card, or social security numbers during the sign-up or verification process. Cash App will close your account if you violate its terms of service. Additionally, it is nearly impossible to remove funds from a closed Cash App account.

2. This one is our opinion and not stated anywhere in the Cash App Terms of Service – so take it for what it’s worth. Send your initial $5 only to someone who you know and trust. In the past, some users have asked to use us for their first Cash App referral transaction. This resulted in a lot of confusion, fraudulent referral activity, and the closure of our Cash App account (why I cannot accept your initial $5 anymore).

How Many Users Can You Refer to Cash App?

There is no limit on how many friends you can invite to Cash App with your unique Cash App referral code. However, you cannot (or not supposed to) use your existing referral code to refer yourself to Cash App. Your Cash App account can be associated with multiple phone numbers and email addresses, but you should not take advantage of the Cash App referral program by opening multiple accounts with the same bank account, debit card, or social security numbers.

How to make $800+ with Cash App?

You can look beyond your friends and family for more free Cash App referral money. Are you an influencer? Do you have a blog or a YouTube channel? You could share your Cash App referral code on social media and make hundreds of dollars of free cash. The Cash App referral rules are pretty laid back in terms of where you share your codes (as long as you do not scam others). If you don’t know how to make a blog, read our step-by-step guide on how to start a money-making blog. Lastly, I want to be fully transparent and inform you that I receive a bonus for every successful use of our Cash App code.

Missing Cash App Referral Code

If you’re missing the Cash App referral code, it may be because you are not looking in the right place for the code. But don’t worry, because all Cash App accounts come with a referral code.

To find your Cash App code in the mobile app, tap the profile silhouette on the top right corner of the app. In the new page, tap “Invite Friends Get $5”. At this point, you will need to choose the share button on the top right corner of the app, and choose a sharing app such as WhatsApp, Email, or SMS to get the referral “link”. Once you have selected the mode of sharing, the app will auto generate a text with a referral link. Your Cash App code for free money is the last 7 characters of the link.

Cash App referral code missing

What is Cash App Boost?

Cash bonuses don’t stop with the Cash app reward code or referral program. With Cash App boosts you can save over $300 on everyday purchases. Below, you can find some examples of cash savings in popular stores. Note that some boosts may not be available in your location.

Cash App Boost Savings: $362 Total

StoreMax. BonusMin. PurchaseDiscount Details
Albertsons$10.00$5.005% Off Each Purchase
Instacart$20.00$5.0020% Off One Order
Shake Shack$7.50$1.5025% Off One Order
Twitch$15.00$1.0050% Off One Purchase
Goat$15.00$5.005% Off One Order
GoPuff$5.00$1.0020% Off One Order
Burger King$7.50$1.505% Off Online Orders
Vudu$50.00$1.005% off Online Purchase
Fandango$50.00$1.0010% Off Online Purchase
Fight Club$15.00$5.005% Off One Order
Uber$1.00$1.001.00 Off Each Ride
Doordash$7.00$2.0020% Off One Order
Adidas$75.00$1.005% Off 10 Online Purchase
Sams Club$20.00$1.505% Off Online Purchase
Grocery Store$7.50$1.5010% Off Any Purchase
Any Coffee Shop$7.50$1.5010% Bitcoin for Any Purchase
Popeyes$7.50$1.5015% Off One Order
7-Eleven$7.50$1.5015% Off One Order
Starbucks$7.50$1.5015% Off One Order
Playstation$5.00$1.5015% Off One Order
Xbox$5.00$1.5015% Off One Order
Bill Miller Bar-B-Q$7.50$1.5010% Off Each Visit
Whataburger$7.50$1.5010% Off Each Order
Torchy’s Tacos$7.50$1.5010% Off Each Purchase

When Will You Get the Cash App Bonus?

You will only receive the Cash App referral credit when you send at least $5 to another Cash App user within 14 days of being referred. If you did everything correctly, you should receive your referral bonus instantly. If you didn’t receive your referral credit (You may see a “Failed” message), it’s likely that your phone number, email address, or bank information are associated with another Cash App account. It is also possible that you have signed up with a banned phone number.

If none of the above apply to you, you can contact support and inquire about the referral credit. In 2021, Cash App moved away from Twitter-based support to chat support within Cash App. You can send a message to the Cash App support team by going to your Profile>Support>Start Chat.

Where to Send Your Initial $5?

You should only send your initial payment to someone you know and trust. Previously, on our blog, I have offered to receive and return initial payments to users seeking Cash App referral bonuses.

Unfortunately, this resulted in a lot of confusion, with some users requesting initial payments instead of sending payments. In fact, Cash App closed our account in 2019 while I was helping users get their referral bonus. I do not offer such service anymore, and I respectfully ask that you do not send and/or request payments using my email address.

If you do not know another Cash App user, it may be a good idea to invite your friends to Cash App and both earn the referral bonus. In fact, you will earn more if you invite someone to Cash App with your own Cash App referral code and ask them to send it back!

What to do if your Cash App Account is Closed?

It may be tempting to open multiple Cash App accounts and receive the Cash App referral bonus more than once. However, taking advantage of Cash App’s referral program may lead to the closure of your account.

In addition, sharing your $Cashtag on social media will expose you to scammers. Cash App may close your account if you’re caught having a transaction with flagged accounts.

If Cash App closed your account and you’re wondering why you are not alone. Cash App does not provide reasons for account closures. To help you get some answers, we have put a guide that explains why Cash App closes accounts.

Does Cash App Loan Money?


Yes! Currently, users can take out Cash App Loans between $20 and $200. If you get a loan from Cash App, you must pay the loan back within 4 weeks at an interest rate of 5 percent.

If you are unable to pay back the full loan balance within 4 weeks, you must pay an additional 1.25 percent interest rate for each additional week. Again, the Cash App loan feature is only available to select users. For now, Cash App referrals are the surest way to make free money in 2021! If you want to know more about Cash App, check out this Cash App 2023 review.

Is Cash App Legit?

Yes, Cash App is 100% safe to use. Cash App utilizes a variety of safety features to process thousands of payments every day. Some of these measures include:

  • Encryption: Cash App has a level-1 PCI-DSS certification, which allows users to send money in the form of encrypted messages.
  • Security Locks: Cash App is secured with a variety of lock mechanisms including PIN entry, Touch ID, and Face ID. Cash App verifies your identity every time you open the app.
  • Coin Storage: When you purchase bitcoin with Cash App, your bitcoins are stored securely in Cash App’s offline system so that they cannot be accessed by hackers from the web.
  • Disable Anytime: If you lose your Cash App debit card you can pause it instantly from within the app. There is no need to contact customer service to report your card lost or stolen.
  • Fraud Protection: If you receive a suspicious social media message, email, text, or phone call regarding the Cash App, or see a phone number that you believe is illegitimate, you can contact Cash App support to report the incident. Cash App will investigate and take action if needed.

What Can You Do with Cash App?

Unlike competitor platforms such as Venmo and Paypal, you can do more with Cash App than just send money to your friends (See how Cash App compares to Paypal, Venmo, or Zelle). Below are some of the main features of the Cash App. For a full list of more fun things that you can do with Cash App, read our article 13 things you can do with Cash App.

1. Send and Receive Money

This is Cash App’s primary service. Both personal and business users may send and receive money. Just like Venmo or Paypal, you will have a unique username called a $Cashtag. This unique identifier enables users to pay each other quickly. Choose your $Cashtag and share it with friends and family. You may only change your tag twice. You can also pay someone using their $Cashtag.

2. Get a Custom Debit Card

Use your debit card anywhere that accepts Visa, including online. Pay for goods or services from your Cash App balance with the card. You can also add it to your Apple Pay or Google Pay platform.

3. Invest in Bitcoin

You can buy Bitcoin using your Cash App balance. You may also sell Bitcoin you bought with Cash App. There are fees for both buying and selling Bitcoin-based on market volatility. See our article on the Best Ways to Buy Bitcoin in the US.

4. Buy Fractional Shares of Stocks

You can invest in stocks either wholly or as a fractional share. For example, if you have $5 to invest, but a share costs $10, you can buy a fractional share and earn prorated earnings on your investment.

5. Save Money with Cash App Boost

Using your Cash Card, you can get discounts at participating merchants. Just select the offer on your Cash App (Cash Boost) home page, make the purchase, and save instantly.

6. Earn free Cash with Cash App Referrals

The Cash App referral program is an easy way to generate passive income. You can share your Cash App referral code on blogs or on social media and get paid for promoting the app. There is no limit on how many users you can refer or where you post your Cash App code. You will get paid for every successful referral as long as you do not engage in fraudulent activity. Who doesn’t like free money? If you’re looking for other ways to make money online, check out our article on Ways to Make Money Online.

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        From a mobile app, under your profile icon (top right corner of the screen), there is a place that says “Enter Referral Code”. If you do not see it you may not qualify for the sign-up bonus because you’ve entered one before or have already sent funds to another Cash App user.

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