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Earn up to 40% back in commissions

Enter Binance Referral ID:

Binance Sign-up Link
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Earn up to 40% back in commissions

Enter Binance Referral ID:

Binance Sign-up Link
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Binance Referral ID: 10185998 – Earn Up to 40% Back in Commissions with Binance Referral Code

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has a unique way to lower trading commissions with its generous referral program. As of June 2021, Binance users can get back up to 40% of the commission fees when they sign up with a Binance referral ID. If you have not signed up for Binance yet, you can use the Binance Referral ID: 10185998 to get back up to 40% on referral commissions from trading fees.


How to Use The Binance Referral Code

  1. Using our Binance referral code link will redirect you to the sign-up page to create a new account.
  2. You can register by using either your email address or mobile number. Create a secure password for your account.
  3. Below, you will see the Binance Referral ID box where the Binance referral code will automatically fill in. You may also copy and paste this Binance Referral ID: 10185998.
  4. Click the tick box if you agree to the terms of service to proceed. Choose “Create Account,” and after verifying your account, you will see that you have successfully registered through Binance referral.

How to Generate a Binance Referral Link

1.) Head to the official Binance website and sign-in to your account. Click “referral earn bonus” from the dropdown menu on the user center found on the website’s top-right header.

2.) You will see different options for setting the Binance commission referral rate that you would like to share. Options include either 0%, 5%, 10% and 20% which is the default Binance referral rate. Sharing rates depend on the inviter’s daily average BNB account balance.

Binance commission referral rate

daily average BNB account balancebase referral rateshare
less than 500 BNB20%0%
500 BNB or more40%0%

3.) After choosing which percentage you want to share, click on “invite now.” You’ll be able to start inviting your friends to sign-up and enjoy trading with Binance through your Binance referral ID or Binance referral link.

4.) When your invitees have registered through the referral link and begin trading, both parties’ commissions from the Binance referral are calculated and updated to the individual accounts in real-time. You can also get updates by monitoring your Binance referral account. You’ll see this information under “You’ve Earned,” “Total Number of Friends,” and even your latest history on referral commissions.


Terms of Binance Referral Program

  1. You can invite as many friends as you want to the referral program. There are no limitations!
  2. To successfully receive a Binance referral kickback, your invitee must register using your Binance referral link, Binance referral ID, or Binance referral QR code.
  3. Binance prohibits self-invitation using multiple fake accounts. Doing this will result in automatic cancellation of Binance referrals, and Binance referral commission kickbacks for the invitee’s accounts once detected.
  4. The assets used for the settlement of Binance referral commissions are no different from the commission fee generated by your invitee’s actual transaction.
  5. Both margin and sub-accounts will follow the same rules on the percentage that applies to the spot account.
  6. Binance reserves the right to adjust or change the Binance referral program’s terms at Binance’s discretion.

Things to Avoid when Sharing Your Binance Referral ID

Binance is very well known, which makes it susceptible to phishing. To ensure you avoid any potential scam, you want to make sure that the link is coming from Binance.

Sometimes when a Binance referral link is found on social media accounts or third-party websites, it could redirect you to a fake page. You can tell if it’s a fake page if it has too much content or fake logos of Binance. Make sure that all links go to Avoid any third-party URLs that are not officially recognized by Binance or referral links posted as advertisements.

How to promote your Binance Referral Link?

Now that you have created your Binance referral link, you will want to promote the link to grow your Binance referral commissions. How do you do it? You may send it to your friends via email or through your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Also, joining active forums like Reddit to engage in discussions is another fun way to share your Binance referral code. And if you have a blog or you do vlogging, you can take advantage of your platform to share your code.

Binance Futures Referral Program

Besides the Binance sign-up referral program, another referral program Binance offers is the Binance Futures Referral Program. This program launched in December of 2019 and is still ongoing. You can invite your friends to open a Binance Futures account and get up to a 20% referral bonus on trading fees while your invitee gets a 10% discount. It’s a win-win for both you and your friend! This deal is not exclusive to new Binance accounts. You may also refer existing Binance users.


How to Customize Your Binance Futures Referral Code

  1. Click here and sign in to your Binance account. Choose your account and click “Referral” from the dropdown menu.
  2. Tap “customize” to create your own customized futures referral code and click confirm.
  3. Copy to clipboard; then you’re all set to share.

Final Thoughts on Binance Referral Program

Binance Exchange has an excellent reputation in the crypto industry.  Along with the reasonable and competitive trading fee structure, Binance features an intuitive platform with helpful tools that result in better returns on your investments.

Binance has global coverage; it is available in 103 countries. Not only that, Binance can also compete with other exchanges when it comes to reasonable fees. Crypto exchange with Binance is outstanding because of its speedy processing and steadfast security.  If you need an in-depth review of Binance, read our Binance Exchange Review.

Many users are taking advantage of this revamped Binance Referral Program. The benefits are incredible for both you as the referrer and your invitee. Getting Binance referral commissions makes every crypto enthusiast’s experience more rewarding. So why not make more money by inviting people from your circle? Remember, sharing is caring.