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Exciting news for DoorDash users! DoorDash is enhancing its alcohol delivery service and introducing new advertising features, further solidifying its commitment to providing a seamless, safe, and responsible alcohol delivery experience. I’m thrilled to share how these updates benefit both consumers and brands.

DoorDash has significantly expanded its alcohol delivery offerings, partnering with an even broader range of merchants. This means you now have access to an incredible selection of alcoholic beverages, from popular brands to unique microbrews and fine wines. In 2023, the number of liquor stores on DoorDash increased by over 60%, making it the US leader in third-party liquor store delivery sales.

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DoorDash is also rolling out innovative advertising options to help brands connect with consumers. These features are designed to capitalize on the growing trend of online alcohol purchases and enhance consumer engagement:

  • Sponsored Products for Alcohol: Brands can now target high-intent customers with sponsored product placements, available on DoorDash’s Ads Manager UI and through API partners like Flywheel and Pacvue.
  • Occasion Branded Campaigns: Brands can drive awareness during key moments such as the Super Bowl, St. Patrick’s Day, and Cinco de Mayo.
  • Sponsored Brands for Alcohol: A new high-impact carousel format combines brand assets with shoppable products to drive awareness and consideration.
  • Partnership with MikMak: Brands can reach DoorDash’s extensive user base across all channels, gaining insights into shopper behavior and attributable sales.
  • Partnership with Symbiosys.AI: Advanced targeting and optimization algorithms help brands reach new audiences on offsite advertising channels, with conversion and ROI reporting to measure effectiveness.

The Rise of Alcohol Delivery

Since launching alcohol delivery in 2021, DoorDash has seen tremendous growth. With over 100,000 alcoholic beverages available across thousands of stores in 32 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, DoorDash is a top choice for on-demand alcohol delivery. According to the 2024 Restaurant and Alcohol Online Ordering Trends Report, 73% of consumers use third-party apps for ordering alcohol online, with 89% using these services as much or more than last year.

DoorDash is committed to safe alcohol delivery, implementing industry-leading safety features to protect consumers, Dashers, and partners. Learn more about DoorDash’s safety measures here.

Join the DoorDash Experience

Ready to explore DoorDash’s expanded alcohol delivery and take advantage of these new features? Sign up using my DoorDash referral link and enjoy the convenience and variety DoorDash offers. Whether you’re a consumer looking for your favorite drink or a brand aiming to connect with customers, DoorDash has you covered.


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