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Earn a $40 Sign-up Bonus

Enter Celsius Referral Code:

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Earn a $40 Sign-up Bonus

Enter Celsius Referral Code:

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Celsius Referral Code: 196028baa6 – FREE $40 Sign-up Bonus

Celsius Network is a blockchain-based wealth management platform that facilitates the lending and borrowing of cryptocurrencies. The company aims to bring financial freedom through crypto. Their goal is to allow everyone to experience an economy with a high probability of financially driven success by using digital currency.

Celsius takes pride in its platform with services created to ensure reasonable and fair interest, zero fees, and swift transactions – benefits that are often overlooked by banks. However, one of the best features of Celsius is its network referral program. We’ll show you how to use our Celsius Referral Code: 196028baa6 when you register.

How to earn a $40 Bonus When you Sign-up via Celsius Referral

1. Celsius is only available on mobile devices. Make sure to use our Celsius Network Referral Link to install the Celsius Network application on your smartphone.
2. Once you have installed the Celsius Network app on your mobile, you may begin your sign-up. You will need to sign-up with either Facebook, Google, Twitter, or Email.
3. After filling out your details, enter our Celsius Referral Code: 196028baa6 when you register.


4. You will then be required to provide proof of identification by submitting a photo of your identification card to complete your registration.

How to Get $40 in BTC When You Share Your Celsius Referral Code

Once you have completed the Celsius sign-up process, you can invite your friends to receive another $40 for each successful Celsius Network Referral.

1. Open your “Celsius Profile” and tap on “Refer Your Friends.”
2. You can either copy your unique Celsius referral code or share your unique link with your friends.


Why Choose Celsius Network?

  1. You can earn up to 21.49% annually when you transfer your currency to Celsius. Start to take your first steps to build your wealth and be in control of your money.
  2. Forget about traditional banks. You don’t need a bank to make a bank. Instead, with Celsius, you get to embrace fair interest, and zero fees.
  3. Modern tools come with modern money. You can do purchasing, earning, withdrawing, and tracking 24/7 on your Celsius Network mobile app. You don’t have to wait for the bank to open to mark your transactions or monitor your account.
  4. With the Celsius earnings calculator, you can easily see your potential return by entering any amount to see your estimate.
  5. You will have full control over your assets with no minimum balance required. Celsius guarantees you won’t have to pay fees or fines for penalties.
  6. You can earn more with CEL tokens, instead of using an alternative form of crypto. Earning BTC if you are currently holding BTC is still possible.

Tiers of Celsius Network

TierCEL Token HoldingsBonus RewardsLoan Interest Discount
Silver10% - 15%10%10%
Gold15% - 20%20%20%
Platinum20% - 100%20%20%

How CEL Tokens Work

CEL tokens have grown faster than Ethereum and Bitcoin but can be very unpredictable. It is a useful token around the market. You can use tokens to receive and pay interest on loans with a deduction of up to 30%. Plus, you can also receive and send payments. With CEL, you will need to stake CEL tokens, and when you do, you earn interest rates of up to 30%.

Become a Celsius Ambassador and earn up to $100

If you want to participate in more than just Celsius Network referrals, you can be a Celsius Ambassador to help introduce more of the population to crypto. When you become a Celsius Ambassador, you have the opportunity to get exclusive access to future Celsius news, ambassador promotions or contests, and the Celsius Network team. Plus, you’ll be making some extra cash.


What do Celsius Ambassadors do?

If you have unique skills to utilize and help Celsius grow, you can potentially benefit the Celsius team. How do you become a Celsius Ambassador?

  • You can create videos in languages you know to entice other people from different countries to join Celsius.

  • If you know any competitors with a similar platform to Celsius, you can review competitors’ products to Celsius.

  • You can build a website dedicated to Celsius. Tutorials are also helpful, especially to newbies interested in learning and being educated with crypto and how Celsius works.

  • If you are fond of writing, you can make your own blog articles about the Celsius Network.

  • Even simple social media marketing will be beneficial.

If you want to take on this journey, you may start your Celsius Ambassador application by clicking this link.

Final Thoughts on Celsius

Celsius Network creates an opportunity for everyone to earn passive income through crypto lending. Allowing users to borrow and lend blockchain assets makes the wealth management platform of Celsius standout. The native token CEL continues to increase in value over time, generates interest, peer-to-peer payments, and takes loans resulting in larger profits.

As long as you know the risks involved and how staking works, Celsius can be a good fit for you. If you’re ready to start trading, sign-up with our Celsius Network Referral Code 196028baa6 and get your first $20 Celsius bonus.