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Current Referral Program

To receive the Current referral bonus, enter a Current referral code upon sign up then make a direct deposit of $200 or more.

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Inviting friends to join Current is now simpler than ever. Thanks to the Current referral program, which earns both parties cash. A $50 referral bonus is available to new users who open an account with Current via our Current referral link or apply our Current referral code: SALEHR958

Meet the future of money. Meet Current Bank. This financial technology company allows you to buy and sell crypto as easily as using cash. You can have all your money work seamlessly together and work harder for you by earning 4.00% APY on your savings pods.

Current is worth considering if you want to explore the world of crypto and manage your finances all on one platform. You’re able to buy and sell crypto without trading fees through Current. It allows you to keep all your money in one place.

Are you looking for a banking solution for teens? Current is unique with a solution for giving teenagers financial freedom and security through a Current Visa debit card. Join over 4 million members and sign-up for a current account by using our Current Bank referral link to earn $50 after depositing $200 into your account. We’re deep diving into the benefits of having a Current account and how you can sign up with our Current Bank referral code.

After signing up with Current, you can also share your unique Current referral code and as soon as a friend opens an account using your Current referral code and gets a qualifying direct deposit of at least $200 within 45 days of creating an account, you will receive $50 for each person you refer to Current.

We will share the specific steps to guide you below.

Kickstart the balance on your Current account by signing up through our Current referral link. You’ll earn a $50 sign-up bonus after you deposit at least $200 into your account. The minimum $200 deposit needs to be made within the first 45 days of having your account.

Once your account is up and running, you can earn $20 for each friend that you successfully refer to Current. Just send them your Current referral code and ask them to apply it during the sign-up process. You’ll receive the $20 referral credit after they add $200 or more to their account.

How to Sign Up for Current Bank

You can sign up through our Current referral link in under 2 minutes. We’re breaking down the process of signing up for a Current account and how to apply our Current referral code to get $50 free.

Step 1: Download the Current app
Start by downloading the Current app on your smartphone. Alternatively, you can start the process through Current’s website. You can provide your mobile number and Current will text you a link to download the app through the Google Play or App Store.

Step 2: Open the App and Start the Sign-Up Process
You can come back to this page and click our Current referral link to start the sign-up process or note down our Current referral code: SALEHR958. Current will send a ‘one time password’ to your mobile number to verify it.

Sign up with a Current referral code

Step 3: Enter Our Current Bank Referral Code
As you progress through the sign-up process, make sure to add our Current Bank referral code to your application. Our code should auto-load if you use the link or you can manually add it.

Step 4: Load $200 Onto Your Account
After you’ve finished signing up and had your account approved, it’s time to load at least $200 into your account. You’ll need to add $200 to your wallet within the first 45 days of having your account to qualify for the $50 sign-up credit. This credit will be sent by direct deposit to your account within ten business days after you’ve deposited at least $200 to your account.

Step 5: Start Sharing Your Current Referral Link
You can start sharing your unique Current referral link with your friends and family to earn $20 per qualifying referral. Check on the Current app to access your unique referral code to start earning extra cash.

Where to Find Your Current Referral Code?

After creating an account with Current, the fun starts because you can earn referral bonuses from friends who make use of your Current referral code. It only takes few simple steps to utilize the Current referral program.

Open your Current app and tap the profile icon. Select ‘Invite Friends, Get $50′ to access your Current referral code. Lastly, copy your unique Current referral link and also the Current referral code which are the last letters in your Current referral link. Begin sharing it with friends!

What is Current?

The goal of Current is to create better financial outcomes for people and their unique lives. This award-winning financial technology company is designed to make banking more affordable by making premium financial services accessible to all.

Current offers a variety of benefits for account holders, including points, faster direct deposit payments, and no fees on overdrafts up to $200. It’s a platform built with flexibility in mind to get you your money quicker for more financial freedom.

What makes Current unique is its ability for you to keep all your money in one place – from your savings to your crypto portfolio and your paycheck. You can turn crypto to cash instantly without having to wait for trades to occur. Current allows you to start building your crypto from as little as $1.

Crypto is one of the biggest selling points for Current. You can buy and sell dozens of cryptocurrencies without the headache of trading fees. It means you can get the most out of every dollar.

What is Current

You’ll also get a Current Visa debit card with enhanced security through the Current app. Swiping your Current card will earn you up to 15x points at over 14,000 participating merchants across the United States. These points can be redeemed for cash with exclusive offers also available.

You’ll earn points on everyday purchases, from lunch at Burger King to a new coat from Forever 21. The Current app will show you nearby locations and merchants where you can earn points.

Cryptocurrency through Current

Cryptocurrency is one of the main appeals of opening a Current checking account. It allows you to build a crypto portfolio alongside your daily checking account to streamline your finances.

You can choose from up to 27 popular coins that are available to purchase through the Current app. The selection of cryptocurrencies includes Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Shiba Inu. It only takes $1 to kickstart your crypto portfolio.

Benefits of Signing Up for Current Bank

Current is a financial technology company that puts you in control of your finances and comes with benefits to make money management easier. We’re rounding up the key features of Current and why you should consider opening a checking account with our Current referral link.

Fees with Current
Current is following the lead of most fintech companies by having no hidden fees. You won’t be charged a minimum balance fee and there are no bank transfer fees. You’ll also have access to no-fee instant transfers to other Current users and fee-free on-network ATM withdrawals.

Overdrive allows you to have an overdraft of up to $200 without any overdraft fees – meaning you can keep more money in your pocket. You’ll need to have $500 in qualifying direct deposits per month to qualify for Overdrive and have a Current Premium Account.

Current Tag
Send and receive money for free from fellow Current account holders with Current tags. You don’t have to worry about third-party systems, and you can make transfers without any fees. Cash sharing has never been easier. Use your Current bank referral link to invite your friends and family to join the platform.

Faster Payments and Adding Cash
Want to make it payday early? Current allows you to get paid up to two days early with direct deposits. You can access your money when you need it, instead of waiting.

Unlike other fintech companies, you can add cash to your Current account at over 60,000 stores nationwide. Wave goodbye to queuing at a bank branch. You can use the money tab on your app to find somewhere to process your transaction with a barcode generated for cashiers to scan. The funds will be instantly available in your account.

Current also enables you to make mobile check deposits within seconds. Snap a picture of your check in the Current app and the funds will be added directly to your account.

Security and Current
You want to know that your money and personal information are protected. Current uses fingertip and face ID privacy controls with the option of blocking transactions instantly through your Current app. The Current Visa card has an EMV chip with the platform offering 24/7-member support.

The money in your Current wallet is secured for up to $250,000 through Choice Financial Group, Current’s partner.

Automated Savings
Current isn’t just for crypto investors. You can get real returns on your savings and earn 4% APY, which is up to 20x higher than the national average for savings accounts.

Current Savings Pods allow you to organize your finances around your savings goals with no restrictions and 24/7 access to your money. You can easily move money to and from your savings pods with payments applied to your balance daily.

Money Tracking
You can only achieve financial freedom with the help of money tracking. Current helps you see where every cent is going with budgeting tools, spending insights, and saving pods. You can take control of your finances and get an instant overview of how much you’re spending and whether you’re on the right track.

Accounts for Teens
Get your teenagers started on the right financial foot by opening a Current account for their everyday spending. Upgrade their allowance with an account designed for teenagers and built with parents in mind. There’s no subscription fee and you can send instant transfers directly into their account.

You can link two accounts using the Current account and download the app directly to your child’s phone.

Final Thoughts – Is Current Bank Worth It?

Manage your crypto portfolio alongside your daily finances with Current. Our Current referral link will give you $50 free when you deposit $200 in your account within the first 45 days.

Current has been featured on CNBC, USA Today, Forbes, CBS News, Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and TechCrunch. It’s grown to a community of over 4 million members and is worthy of a spot on your list of potential checking accounts.

You may also check out similar banks like Novo bank and make use of our Novo referral code to earn a sign up bonus.

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