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Juno Referral Program

To receive the Juno referral bonus, enter a Juno referral code upon sign-up then fund your wallet with at least $50.

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With Juno’s referral program, you can get a $25 sign up bonus for free when you sign up for an account using our Juno referral code: M1R1IE6D. Refer up to 10 friends and earn up to 100,000 JCOINs.

Should you join the over 78,500 people who have signed up for Juno? We’re exploring everything that Juno has to offer and sharing how you can sign up through our Juno referral link to start building your crypto portfolio.

Do you want a checking account with cashback and crypto rewards? Look no further than Juno. Make every paycheck count with this next generation checking account. It was named the Best Crypto Debit Card at the 2022 Finder Awards. Let’s learn more about Juno bank below.

How to Sign Up for Juno Bank With a Juno Referral Link

You can create a checking account by using our Juno referral code within less than 5 minutes. We’re breaking down the sign-up process to show you how easy it is to open your Juno checking account.

1. Click Our Juno Referral Link

Start the process of signing up for your checking account by clicking our Juno referral link to redirect you to the sign-up page. It should auto-load our Juno referral code: M1R1IE6D to give you $25 for free.

Complete the sign-up form by providing your personal information and verifying your email address. You’ll need to provide your home address, social security number, mobile number, and a form of ID.

2. Wait for Your Juno Account Verification

After you’ve completed the sign-up process, it’s time to wait for your Juno account to be verified. You’ll receive an email to notify you that your account has been approved. You can start using your Juno account and the virtual card immediately.

Juno referral link

3. Add Money to Your Juno Checking Account

Start adding cash to your Juno checking account instantly via your debit or credit card. You can also add funds to your Juno account with a bank transfer or direct deposit.

4. Upgrade to the Metal Plan

Want to take your Juno account to the next level? You can upgrade from a basic to a metal account by setting up a direct deposit of $250 or more a month. There’s no additional fee for the Metal plan. All you need is the $250 direct deposit.

How to Find Your Juno Referral Link

Earning rewards through the Juno referral program is a great way to benefit both you and your friends. By inviting your friends to Juno, you’ll receive 10,000 JCOIN, while your friends will enjoy a $25 bonus when they sign up using your Juno referral link. Follow these steps to find your Juno referral link:

1. Begin by opening your Juno app and navigating to the home page.
2. Look for the “gift” icon located at the top of the application and tap on it.

find your Juno referral code
3. On the following page, you will automatically find your unique Juno referral link.
4. Share this referral link with your friends and ensure they use it when signing up for Juno.
5. Remind your friends to buy or deposit crypto worth $50 or more to qualify for the referral bonus.

If you like earning referral bonuses, Chime bank has a great referral program as well. Earn your Chime referral bonus by following the guide we have for you.

Get $25 and 10,000 JCOIN Free with Our Juno Referral Code

Give your Juno account a helping hand by signing up through our Juno referral code (M1R1IE6D). You’ll earn $10 and 500 JCOIN when you join through our Juno referral link.

All you have to do is complete the sign-up process and fund your Juno wallet with at least $50 to qualify for your referral bonus. It’s that easy!

Once your account is up and running, you can start earning extra money by referring your friends and family to Juno. Share your unique Juno referral link to get 10,000 Juno coins for each successful referral. You can earn up to $100 with the option of referring up to 10 unique users.

Juno Bank also has several other current bonuses available, however, these are time limited.

You’ll get a 10 USDC bonus when you make your first successful crypto deposit, usually within 48 hours. Another current offer active on Juno is a $50 bonus on your first direct deposit of $250 or more from an eligible employer. Your reward will be credited to your account after 15 days of the first deposit.

What is a successful referral?

In the context of the Juno referral program, a referral is considered “successful” when a referred user takes the step of funding their Juno crypto wallet with a minimum of $50. It’s important to note that funding the wallet can be accomplished by either purchasing crypto directly on Juno or depositing crypto from an external wallet into their Juno wallet.

This distinction ensures that the referral is deemed successful once the referred user actively engages with Juno by funding their wallet with the specified amount. Whether they choose to buy crypto within the Juno app or transfer existing crypto from an external wallet, both actions qualify as successful referrals in the Juno referral program.

When Will I Receive My Referral Bonus?

After successfully referring someone to Juno, you may be eager to know when you’ll receive your referral bonus. Rest assured that your reward amount will be transferred to your Juno account within 48-72 hours from the moment the referral is deemed “successful.”

Once the referral meets the criteria of a successful referral, such as the referred user funding their Juno crypto wallet with $50 or more, you can expect your referral bonus to be credited to your Juno account promptly. The transfer of your reward amount typically takes place within 48-72 hours, ensuring you receive the benefits of your successful referral in a timely manner.

Juno values your participation in their referral program and strives to deliver your referral bonuses efficiently. Keep an eye on your Juno account, and within the specified timeframe, you’ll find your reward waiting for you as a token of appreciation for your successful referral.

How Many Referrals Can I Make?

In the Juno referral program, there is no limit to the number of people you can refer. You have the freedom to refer as many individuals as you want, expanding your network and earning potential. With each successful referral, you have the opportunity to receive a referral reward.

The maximum referral reward you can earn through the Juno referral program is 100,000 JCOIN, which is equivalent to referring up to 10 unique users. This means that for every successful referral, you can accumulate JCOIN rewards, contributing to your overall earnings.

However, if you are enthusiastic about helping Juno grow and want to refer more than 10 users, there is an option available. We recommend reaching out to Juno’s support team to express your interest in becoming a “Juno Ambassador.” As a Juno Ambassador, you can extend your referral reach and play a more active role in promoting the platform.

Juno values the support of its users in spreading the word about their services. Whether you refer 10 users or aspire to go beyond that number, Juno appreciates your contribution to their growth and encourages you to connect with their support team for further opportunities as a Juno Ambassador.

Ensure Your Referral Counts Toward the Reward

To ensure that your referrals count towards the reward in the Juno referral program, it’s important to follow a few simple steps. By making sure your friends sign up using your unique invite link and fund their Juno Crypto Wallet with $50 or more, you can maximize your chances of earning the referral reward.

To qualify as a successful referral, your friends need to take action by either buying crypto directly on Juno or depositing crypto from an external wallet to their Juno wallet. Both of these funding methods contribute towards meeting the referral requirements.

By guiding your friends to sign up through your unique invite link and encouraging them to fund their Juno Crypto Wallet with at least $50, you increase the likelihood of your referral being recognized and counted towards the reward. It’s essential for your friends to complete these steps for your referral to be considered successful and for you to receive the referral reward.

Do Referral Rewards Stack with Other Bonuses?

In the Juno referral program, it’s important to note that referral rewards do not stack or add up with any other concurrent bonus schemes. While Juno offers various bonus opportunities to its users, it’s crucial to understand that the referral bonus is not applicable in conjunction with other bonus schemes.

For instance, if a user qualifies for the 10 USDC Bonus on First Crypto Deposit, they will not be eligible to receive the referral bonus. In such cases, users must prioritize and choose the bonus scheme that aligns with their preferences and offers the most value to them.

Juno ensures transparency and fairness by implementing this policy to prevent the accumulation of multiple bonuses simultaneously. By adhering to this guideline, Juno ensures that users can fully enjoy and benefit from the specific bonus schemes they qualify for without any overlap or conflicts.

As you participate in the Juno referral program, keep in mind that referral rewards operate independently and are not stackable with other ongoing bonus schemes. It’s always recommended to review the terms and conditions of each bonus scheme to understand the eligibility criteria and any potential limitations or restrictions.

What is Juno?

Juno is a financial technology company and not a traditional bank. Its banking services are provided by Evolve Bank and Trust. You can deposit cash into your Juno checking account and earn a 5% annualized bonus for the first $10,000 that you deposit with a further 3% bonus annually up to $250,000.

The platform’s mission is to make financial freedom more accessible with crypto and web3 at your fingertips. Having a Juno checking account will allow you to bridge to layer 2 seamlessly and withdraw USDC, Arbitrum, ETH, and Optimism from your checking account.

While Juno’s bonus system is one of its biggest selling points, this is the checking account every crypto investor needs. You’ll earn 5% on crypto spends with your Juno debit card, as well as 5% from household brands like Amazon, Doordash, Starbucks, and Target.

Juno has been featured on Forbes, Coindesk, TechCrunch, American Banker, and Fortune. It advertises itself as a “complete bank replacement” with free ATM access and USD cash balances covered by FDIC insurance up to $250,000. A Juno account allows you to make and receive bank transfers, including direct deposits and bill payments.

What is Juno

There’s no minimum balance, no monthly fees, and no overdraft fees. You’ll get access to instant support with automated tax reporting through the form 1099 for cash and crypto earnings.

Setting up a direct deposit will enable you to learn Juno coins every time you get paid to redeem gift cards, exclusive products, or to ‘supercharge’ your account.

Juno has processed over $588 million in transactions with 181 million Juno coins earned. The platform is backed by some of the most sought-after investors in the industry who have supported household brands like Apple, PayPal, and YouTube.

What makes Juno unique is that its banking built for web3. You can convert cash to crypto in seconds, allowing you to buy and sell USD Coin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular cryptos at low fees straight from your checking account. Juno allows you to automatically invest with every paycheck in crypto and dollar.

Why You Should Sign Up for Juno Bank

There are dozens of benefits to a Juno account for individuals looking for a personal checking account. Juno has integrated Wise for easy international transfers, along with 7 different crypto assets available for Juno users.

This isn’t a traditional checking account; it’s designed to take your investing to the next level and bridge the gap to web3 with effortless integration. Here are some of the reasons why you should use our Juno referral link to open a checking account.

Juno Rewards
As a Juno account holder, you’ll get access to rewards available through the Juno Store. You can get a cashback boost with access to additional cashback alongside the 5% crypto cashback. You can choose to claim gift cards from over 50 brands with JCOIN or claim a co-branded Ledger Nano S with JCOIN.

Not only does Juno give you financial freedom, but it also makes your money work for you. Juno cardholders earn 5% back on purchases from Dunkin’ Donuts, Spotify, Netflix, and Best Buy. You can also pay using your crypto to earn 5%.

Security and Juno
Juno is the brainchild of a collective of product thinkers, engineers, and designers in search of a fairer financial system. The growth of Juno means it now has a global team with offices in Singapore, San Francisco, and India.

This fin-tech company utilizes bank-grade security to keep your finances and personal data collected. The Smart KYC system provides instant identity verification to immediately purchase crypto. Juno also has a human customer support system to deal with any issues you have.

Your Juno Checking Account is FDIC insured for up to $250,000. Most of the banking services are provided by Evolve Bank and Trust, Synapse Financial Technologies, Inc.

Fees and Juno Bank
Juno offers a free checking account. The fees that you can incur using a Juno account are minimum, including 0.5% fees on stablecoin trading and a 1% fee on non-stablecoin trading. However, Juno gives you the option of using 100 JCOIN for a 100% discount on stablecoin trading or 50% on non-stablecoin trading.

Juno Pay
Juno is powering the Web3 economy, enabling users to on and off-ramp their crypto instantly via Venmo, CashApp, and cards. It handles all preferred payment methods, including Visa and Mastercard. You can utilize Juno Pay when purchasing Polygon, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Arbitrum.

If you own an e-commerce brand, you can use Juno Pay with only a little extra effort. Just add a single link of code to redirect to Juno’s secure link and complete your payment flow.

Juno Quests
Are you an early adopter of web3? You’ll get rewarded in JCOIN bonuses through Juno Quests. These multi-month initiatives are rewards for early adopters and pioneers of on-chain activity. JCOIN is a tokenized reward program for verified account holders.

You’ll earn JCOIN when you complete tasks like bridging from L1 to L2 via Hop, own an ENS, or have made a Uniswap swap.

Make your money work for you and gain financial freedom through Juno. The 5% bonus on cash deposits and crypto rewards is a gamechanger for those looking to invest in their future. Make every cent of your paycheck count with these exclusive rewards.

Sign up through our Juno referral code: M1R1IE6D to get $25 and 10,000 JCOIN for free when you add at least $50 to your wallet. Get your account up and running and start sharing your unique Juno referral link to earn extra cash and Juno coins. You’re only a few clicks away from your crypto investment portfolio.

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